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edmonton seo professionalWe are Digital Shift, an Edmonton SEO Professional Services company. Do you live in the Edmonton area and have you recently realized that your website traffic is not what it should be? Well that could be because you weren't paying attention to your website SEO or its ranking! Digital Shift Media is a based-in-Edmonton SEO Professional service company, and we are here to help you get noticed on the internet! We have had major success in helping companies get their SEO rankings up. This is just an article that will help you understand what SEO is, and why you should care about it!

What is SEO? Great question, glad you asked!

SEO  stands for Search Engine Optimization. Your Search Engine Optimization ranking is determined by complex algorithms that Search Engines perform - to determine where your webpage should show up in search results. People in the digital industry call this the "organic" or unpaid search result ranking. Based on the things that you publish on your website and the keywords that you use, and how relevant articles and content is - is where your website will show up in search ranking. Of course that is in layman's terms!

SEO definition according to Wiki
"Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results."

Why should I care about SEO?

Well that's easy - because (to be redundant) it is the easiest way to get noticed on the internet, and to increase traffic to your website! If you are getting people to your website, you are then able to inform them about your products or services - which means there is a much higher likelihood of conversion, aka making a sale! People are always roaming the internet - during work (common, you know you do!), at home, on their phone, anywhere and everywhere! If you aren't at the top spot of search engines for certain Keywords, that is because your competitors are! And that is bad news for you and for your business!

How can I improve my SEO ranking?

Simply put, anybody can do it - the problem is it takes some time and effort - as most things in business do! To get a good SEO ranking, you need to make sure that your webpages are keyword optimized, articles and information are relevant, and people are finding them on the internet whether that be through Social Media or any other methods on the internet. Sometimes when you are starting from scratch this task may seem daunting because basically you are playing catch up! That is usually an issue because you already have so many other things to worry about for your everyday business success. Read more if you need a solution!

Digital Shift's SEO Solution

If you are starting your SEO from the beginning or need to get your SEO ranking up, then Digital Shift can help you with that! Digital Shift has services that might interest you, because you can outsource this task, and save all your time and energy doing the things that are the most important for your business!

Looking for more information?

Check out Digital Shift's Edmonton SEO webpage. There you can find more information about Search Engine Optimization, what it is, and how you can improve it. Or you can find more information about how we can help you with your business's SEO needs!

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