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seo-report-landingFree SEO Report in 1 Minute

Hope the new year is off to a great start! We are providing complimentary (Free) SEO reports because…

Having a great website with no traffic is like recording the best commercial and not paying for airtime.

To get your very own SEO report comparing your business to a competitor, complete the details below before the dead line and click send. It will take you no more than 1 minute and will provide your business with information to make your search rankings better.


seo-setup-landingGet Competitor Insight

We want to put you up against your competitors and give you advice to beat your competitors! Our free report provides valuable ranking information about what your competitors are doing online. A breakdown of the your competitors ranking can reveal to you what they are focusing on.


keywords-seo-landingFind Valuable Keywords

Get the right keywords that your visitors are searching for on Google. Knowing what keywords to focus on will help you generate great web traffic.

Our report will give you a breakdown of the changes and recommend enhancements that you can make on your own or have our team do it.

For example, our visitors would search “website design,” “city-name + web design,” etc. to find Digital Shift in the search engine instead of the company name.


seo-analysis-landingWeb Traffic Stats

Find out where to focus your social media and promotion efforts. Your report will break down your visitors by source so that you can evaluate where they are coming from and in what volumes.

content-landingOptimization Advice Included

We diagnose and provide you with the information needed to solve your problems. Your free SEO report looks at all of your on page properties and provides recommendations based on industry best practices.

It will provide you with with a breakdown of what to change, add, or remove.

An additional document explaining the report properties such as URL’s, keywords, links, tags, etc. is also provided to you in an easy-to-understand format.


seo-tools-landingDo It Yourself Page Properties

Now that you know what is wrong and how to fix it, you can take the next step in enhancing your website’s ranking.

Your easy to follow report will provide exact details of what is needed in each area of your web site that were  analysed.

For example, Your keyword is not present in the Title tag! Your keyword should appear at least once in the Title tag, but it doesn’t appear at all. Put the keyword into your Title tag or you’ll be unlikely to rank high. If you are still unsure or feel you would rather have a professional upgrade your site, we would be happy to assist.


page-ranking-landingPage Rank Influences

Your report provides an analysis of website structure and links, titles,  comments, and attributes. The analysis provides insight and examples of page factor rankings.

Simply adding the report recommendations will help enhance your website ranking.

Find out what keywords your competitor is using and how your rank against them in your local business community. Get started today by requesting your free SEO report with recommendation and competitor analysis.

Fill out the details and we will send you the report with full recommendations on how to make your SEO better! This is much more than a standard ranking report.

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By having us provide you with a free SEO report you will automatically be entered into a draw to have your website optimized and get one month of our SEO Lite (Total value of $1,175+). The draw will be made on July 30, 2014.

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