Google Display Network

What is the Google Display Network (GDN)?

The Google Display Network is one of Google's main advertising networks (Google Search Network is the other). The Network allows you to connect with customers browsing Google websites like Google Finance, Gmail blogger, YouTube, as well as other partner sites, mobile websites, and applications. The Google Display Network site list spans over two million websites and reaches over 90% of the internet population.  It's important to note that the display network matches AdWords ads based on the content of a given page. Therefore, you are better able to select your audience based on appealing to their interests. The Display Network also helps build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and engagement by placing your content all over the internet.

Showing Your Ads on the Internet

The Google Display Network allows you to choose how people browsing the internet see your ad. You can control precisely which websites your ads appear on, or you can use targeting methods to help select relevant web sites based on keywords, placement, audiences, or topics.

Display Ad Formatsgoogle display network

You can use the following ad formats when advertising on Google's Display Network

Text Ads -simple ad consisting of a headline, web address display URL, and a brief description of the product or service

Image Ads - pictures depicting your product or service

Rich Media Ads - complex advertisements the include advanced features like video and audio, or other elements that encourage engagement.

Video Ads - Videos that appear on your selected websites containing information about your product/service

App Promotion Ads - Reach customers on the go using mobile devices or tablets through application software.

The Google ad network allows you to show your ad to many different people in different ways. The Display network is particularly useful for targeting and placement. You can choose to show your ads to customers in different countries, certain geographical locations, or even based on the native language of potential customers. This can be particularly useful in countries where a single language is not dominant.

Example. You are a Spanish language teacher wanting to give lessons in Paris, France. Obviously, you do not want to target the locals who already speak French fluently. Your goal would be to target new immigrants looking for lessons. Therefore, your advertisement would be in Spanish, targeting people who only speak Spanish wanting to learn how to speak French.


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