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ad groups

What is Ad Group? An Ad group includes all ads that are focused on a set of keywords in an ad campaign. It is an essential part of PPC marketing. You can organize your ads with the same theme such as the type of products or services by creating the Ad groups for them. This will help your ad campaigns be more effective at getting traffic and decrease the costs. How does Ad Group work? The Ad group tells search engines which ads to show to specific…

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total links

What is Total Link? A total link is a number of total links means all possible links to this page including internal, external, followed and not followed. What is Linking Root Domains? The linking root domains are a number of other websites that link to your page. Mozscape defined Linking Root Domains as: “It is a measure of trust, and can help predict a higher ranking potential”. Which one is more important? The Linking Root Domains is more impo…

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bounce rate

What is Bounce Rate? Bounce Rate is a percentage that shows how many visitors click on a single website page and leave without clicking any other elements on this page or visiting other pages of the website. Bounce Rate is usually used in Digital Marketing and Web Traffic Analysis. It is a very important indicator that Google uses to measure how relevant or useful your website page is to visitors. If the bounce rate is high, this will affect its…

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campaign type

What is Campaign Type? Campaign Type is a setting when creating a campaign. The Campaign Type determines where your ads will be watched by audiences. Campaign Type includes: Search Network with Display Select Search Network only Display Network only Shopping Video Campaign Subtype There are three Campaign subtypes: Standard, All features, and Marketing objectives. The Campaign subtype determines what settings you will able to use. Usually, you ch…

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What is a Campaign in digital marketing? In Google Adwords, you can create different campaigns under your Google AdWords account.  A campaign is a set of Ad groups (a set of keywords, ads, and bids), and you can create different Ad groups for each campaign. Every Ad group under the same campaign share the same daily budget, location targeting, language targeting distribution preference, and end data. How to Set up a Campaign? Let’s say you are ru…

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