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What is a Campaign in digital marketing? In Google Adwords, you can create different campaigns under your Google AdWords account.  A campaign is a set of Ad groups (a set of keywords, ads, and bids), and you can create different Ad groups for each campaign. Every Ad group under the same campaign share the same daily budget, location targeting, language targeting distribution preference, and end data. How to Set up a Campaign? Let’s say you are ru…

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What is Crawling? Crawling is tracking and gathering URLs to prepare for indexing. By giving them a webpage as a starting point, they will trace all the valid links on those pages. As they go from link to link, they bring back data about those web pages back to Google’s servers. Therefore, it is crucial that pages on your website are able to be crawled as a page unable to be crawled is unable to be indexed. However, not all links are able to be c…

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What Are Impressions? Impressions refer to the number of times an ad is viewed by a user or displayed on a web page through Google AdWords or other forms of PPC advertising or the number of times a web page is listed on SERP (search engine results page). Often times Impressions are called an ad view or simply a view. Impression is a term that refers to the point in which an ad is viewed by a visitor for the first time, or displayed once on a web…

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What Are Sitemaps? Sitemaps or site map are used so search engines can do a better job of crawling your website. Sitemaps provide valuable information for webmasters to inform search engines about pages that are available for crawling. Sitemaps can include metadata about each URL. This information includes how important it is relative to other URLs on that website, when it was last updated, and how often it usually changes. The most popular type…

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campaign tags

What Are Campaign Tags? Campaign tags allows Google Analytics to identify where a user came from. It gives businesses more information on how effective their marketing methods are. There are five campaign tags overall, and at least three are normally used. By using source and medium tags, it overwrites the default data that Google Analytics would normally use to track where traffic is coming from. For example, you can change a source to ‘julynews…

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