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What Is Segmentation? Segmentation is one of the two core analysis techniques that allow you to isolate and analyze the substances of your data. By segmenting your data, it is easier to identify concerns and problems and helps you to understand what is causing fluctuations in your aggregated data. A business could segment their data through marketing channels; this allows the business to see which marketing channel is more effective. What Are Som…

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daily budget

What is Daily Budget? In marketing terms, a daily budget is used in regards to Google AdWords and similar pay-per-click campaigns. This type of budget refers to the average maximum amount of money that will be spent on a given day for a particular campaign. Custom budgets will need to be set for any additional campaigns. The budget sets a limit on what you can spend on bids per day as to reconcile your AdWords account to your overall marketing bu…

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audience reports

What are the Audience Reports in Google Analytics? The Audience Reports in Google Analytics provides information about the characteristics of your users. It also provides information on user behavior over multiple visits to your site.  The goals of this function are to provide insight into the following areas: Characteristics of users What devices users use How loyal and engaged users are with your business This post will explore some of the diff…

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What Is Indexing? Indexing is the organization of information that occurs after crawling which allows pages to be seen on search engines. However, your page must be able to be crawled before indexing can occur. Therefore, it is important to have all your website pages available for crawling. When searching at the most basic level, Google’s algorithms will analyze your search terms in the index to find appropriate pages for you. If you are looking…

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no index

What Does No Index Mean? A no index tag tells Google or other search engines not to index a specific page. If a page is not indexed, it will not be found via search. There are some cases where no index tags should be used such as: Email Promotion- some promotion pages are meant to be communicated only to segmented customers Employee Only Pages – some links may be meant for internal source Goal Completion Pages – an example of this is thank you pa…

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