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applause rate

What is Applause Rate? The Applause Rate measures the average favourites or likes your posts receive on social media. The Applause rate is easy to observe in many situations, but it is difficult to indicate where growth sprouts occur due to the averaging or what may have caused them. Let’s see how do we measure the Applause rate. One Twitter: Applause Rate = # of Favorite Clicks Per Post On Facebook: Applause Rate = # of Likes Per Post On Google…

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customer attrition

What is Customer Attrition? Customer attrition is the loss of clients or customers. It is commonly presented as a percentage over a period of time. This metric is very important when measuring a company’s performance. Customer attrition is also commonly known as customer turnover, customer churn, or customer defection. Companies will try to identify and distinguish between voluntary churn versus involuntary churn. Voluntary churn is when a client…

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ad extensions

Ad Extensions, What Are They And How To Use Them? Ad extensions can have a major impact on your business if you have a Google AdWords account. They add extra content to AdWords ads. The extra material provides users with more information to make better decisions and subsequently will eliminate untargeted traffic; increasing conversion rates and ROI for a particular campaign. They do not cost anything to add to your current campaign. It is importa…

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ad rank

What is Ad Rank? Ad Rank determines the position of a pay-per-click add in relation to other ads on a search engine results page. Search Engines want to provide relevant ads to match what users are seeking and therefore, look for certain factors. How is Ad Rank Calculated? The following factors are used to calculate ad rank: Bid Amount – rank is determined by the amount bid. Tthe highest bidder does not need to pay their maximum amount or bid, ra…

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What Is A Remarketing List For Search Ads (RLSA)? The remarketing list is created by having the visitor download a pixel by visiting a specific page or pages on your website. A remarketing list is where you segment your traffic into different cohorts. For instance, you could segment your audience into four different categories: Customers who recently purchased Visitors who only browsed through your website Visitors who have items in their shoppin…

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