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conversion rate optimization

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of maximizing the probability of turning visitors into paying customers. This can be achieved by analyzing data using Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, or other analyzation tools to get to the backbone of your website and see what aspects are doing well and what needs attention. Essentially, the goal is to get people to engage more with your website by…

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expires headers

What Are Expires Headers? Expires Headers tells the browser how long they should store a file for in the cache. Should the browser grab a file from the cache or request it from the server? The idea of expires headers is to reduce the load time of downloads from the server and reduce the number of HTTP requests for the server. This helps with the speed and performance of the page and lowers bandwidth use. When a visitor lands on your landing page,…

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404 not found error

What Is A 404, Not Found Error? Normally, when a user or Googlebot try to connect a website page that does not exist, the not found errors (404) will display in your browser. Common Reasons Why Errors (404) Occurred Delete or renamed a website without redirecting the old URL to a new page. Spelling mistakes in a link. How to deal with errors (404)? In normal situations, errors (404) will influence the ranking of your website, and you must assess…

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landing page

What Is A Landing Page? A landing page is typically defined as the page a visitor “lands” on. Nowadays it is referred to as a standalone web page that is designed for a single purpose: to get new visitors engaged. Landing Pages act as a lure in the sense that they limit options available to your visitors and usually provide a call to action. A landing Page is also crucial because it often times represents a first impression of your company and pr…

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What is CPM? CPM is a digital marketing term which means Cost-Per-Thousand. The “M” represents the Roman numeral for 1,000. CPM measures the cost of an online ad per 1000 impressions. An impression is when the ad is displayed on a web page. CPM is usually used in bidding systems. These systems use CPM to indicate how much the ad will cost for every thousand people exposed. For example, if a CPM price is set at $3.00, the advertiser needs to pay $…

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