Account Ownership

Administrative Accounts

  • Client created accounts are owned by the client and bound by the terms of services and policies of each individual service provider.
  • When a client hires Digital Shift for an account setup service, the account is set up remotely through with the client.
  • If remote setup for paid account setup services is not available, the account will be created and transferred to the client.

Account Access

  • The client will grant access to Digital Shift to perform the necessary work.
  • Primary account access and maintenance including emails, passwords and security are the responsibility of the client.
  • Digital Shift will be added as an administrative manager or as a marketing partner to the account.
  • Advertising account billing management will be accessible and managed only by the client.
  • The client is responsible for managing his/her owned accounts and data with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Digital Shift recommends regular reviewing access requirements and levels for security purposes.
  • When working with third parties (franchisors, vendors, etc.) the client will ensure the necessary access to data and reports is made available.

Accounts Used With Services

  • Technology and internal accounts used for services are owned by their respective parties and not subject to client ownerships.
  • This includes but is not limited to: Software As A Service (SAAS), Server Hosting, Licenses, Leases, and Service Subscriptions (collectively account services).
  • Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets are provided as a service and considered to be leased during the service period.
  • Access to accounts used with services is not shared may have separate terms of service agreements.

Third-Party Accounts

  • Third-party vendors may have separate terms of service agreements.
  • Digital Shift cannot be held liable for disputes with third-party vendors, regardless of whether or not the service is part of an agreement or referral.
  • Digital Shift cannot be held responsible for lack of functionality or any other aspect of third party services.

Creative Work

  • Content written through blogging, social media, or related content marketing services transfer to the client.
  • Custom graphic design and illustrations as a result of web design, banner ad design, or other graphic design related services transfer to the client.
  • Programming code files for custom web design and development projects are the client’s property, but may also use or require other technologies or services.

Website Development

  • Upon completion of a custom website project and payment of web design and development fees, the client is the owner of the commissioned website.

Website Hosting

  • Website hosting is leased from data centers and server providers.
  • The client can use any hosting company compatible with the website.
  • Migration fees and costs are the responsibility of the client.
  • Digital Shift cannot be responsible for website hosting uptime.

Domain Names

  • Website domain names are leased from domain name registration companies.
  • When Digital Shift registers a domain name for a client, that registration will be made in the client’s name or business name.
  • Upon payment of any outstanding fees, the client has the right to use that domain name regardless of whether he/she chooses to continue further services with Digital Shift.
  • Domain name renewal and renewal fees are the responsibility of the client.
  • If the client chooses to have Digital Shift renew the domain name on behalf of the client, an additional service fee will apply.
  • Clients are advised to closely monitor the renewal date of a registered domain name and to verify that the renewal of said domain name has been completed.
  • Digital Shift cannot be responsible for expired domain names.




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