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Website Maintenance Services & Website Maintenance FixOur team will audit your website and bring it up-to-date based on your needs as well as technical indicators that Google loves! Having an error-free and up-to-date website builds your credibility with Google! With the Website Maintenance Fix, we bring your website up-to-date to your requirements. This service as a one-time investment, but we also recommend you check out our monthly website maintenance packages in case you need more help along the way to growing your business.

Benefits of Having Your Website Up-to-Date

You wouldn’t drive your car without changing the oil and filter, would you? You get the point! From the technical side, website maintenance is extremely important because it protects you from malware, viruses, downtime, and ultimately, a hindered reputation and lost revenue. The content and functionality of your website are equally important because they allow your ideal customers to stay up-to-date and have all the latest information about your products, services, locations, and operating hours… Just to name a few! An outdated website with an old design can also cost you some credibility points with prospective customers. These days customers expect to see a professional looking website and an

These days customers expect to see a professional looking website and an active social media stream. These two things tell prospective customers that your doors are open and that your business is thriving. How exactly do you plan on using your website maintenance package? Updates? Social Media? Advertising? Not sure, contact us to talk to a digital marketing strategist about your online marketing strategy.

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Contact us for a complimentary consultation and needs assessment and your free quote. Digital Shift will review your website maintenance requirements and provided a detailed breakdown of deliverables to you. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business with our Website Maintenance Fix Service!




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