Why Choose Digital Shift?

Here Are The 10 Reasons Owners Are Making The Shift

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Digital Shift

Choose Digital Shift as your local SEO marketing partner! We have been trusted by franchise business owners, professionals, and marketing managers since 2007. Digital Shift focuses on quality, value, timeliness, experience, and your satisfaction. Our franchise SEO plans are designed with you in mind and are structured to help your business grow!

Here are the top reasons why Digital Shift will be the only local SEO company you will ever need:

1. You'll Be Our Only Client in Your Service Area

Digital Shift works for you, and only you, and have 100% of your best interest at heart. Delivering exceptional service and aggressive growth results means limiting who we work with. That's why Digital Shift only works with one business type in one service area and is 100% exclusive.

2. SEO for Home Service Franchisees is All We Do

Digital Shift does one thing really, really well and that's rank and generate local leads for home service franchises. Our local marketing processes, strategies, and people are completely focused on generating more qualified appointments, more quickly.

3. Measurable Results

No cherry-picked reports here! With Digital Shift you get 100% transparent reporting and data ownership. Tracking is location-specific and done daily to give you the most up-to-date data and KPIs while allowing us to make profitable decisions quickly.

4. Work Directly With Experts

Get the right advice to succeed. With Digital Shift, you'll have access to a whole crew of experienced local marketing experts including SEOs, content writers, and social media specialists. We are available at any time to answer any questions you may have! Our team has a ton of knowledge from various walks of life that allow for great synergy when working on projects with businesses just like yours. Reap the benefits of a multi-talented professional team that know how to deliver results.

5. Long-Term Relationship Focus

Digital Shift is focused on the long-term - we're not in the business to make a quick buck. We are focused on seeing your business grow and expand continually. We'll work together and develop an understanding of what has worked in the past and come up with innovations for the future. But really, we just love watching your business flourish - it gives us that warm feeling and we want to keep it going!

You'll know if you're a good fit after just one call! If you are not familiar with Digital Shift, we encourage you to find out more about us by browsing our site, checking out our latest case studies and results, or by giving us a call (888) 273-8850.

6. Superior Business Values

Our business practices are based on our commitment to our values and objectives. We put our clients at the center of what we do. And even more importantly, we put YOUR clients at the center of what we do as well. We want to see your business succeed through reaching the right clients. We also play by the rules. There are plenty of quick SEO schemes out there that, once picked up by search engines, ruin the business' online reputation. We ensure that you get noticed online because you have genuinely good content that's relatable to your industry and to what your target market is searching for. We want to build up your reputation and your online platforms' credibility the right way. Essentially, we're a digital marketing company that actually cares about you and your business' future.

7. Designated Account Manager

You might be wondering "when I call Digital Shift will someone new pick up every time?" The answer is no. You will have an account manager that is assigned to you. This means that he or she will know about all the events that have transpired with no back and forth, no loss of time on getting anyone up to speed. High-quality service is priority one at Digital Shift. We can confidently say that we would be honoured to give you our client references. Just ask your Account Manager by emailing or by calling our toll-free line (888) 273-8850.

8. Effective Project Management

We value your time as well as our own but we believe in being fair. Our business model allows us to minimize our overhead costs and thus, pass the savings on to you. Digital Shift challenges you to compare the value we can bring to your organization.

What makes a project move in the right direction without unnecessary delays? Clear objectives. We work together with you to understand who you want to attract to your business, what you want to show them and how much you're able to invest. We gather this information into clear goals with anticipated results. We'll regularly review the status of the project to ensure that we're on track and you're getting exactly what you signed up for. This is all part of our customer-centric project approach.

9. No Outsourced Support

Although some companies have decided to implement this level of service, the immediate cost savings are not worth the risk to Digital Shift. Our service is one of our core competencies and we just wouldn't be able to trust anyone else to provide the level of care that we strive to have. We believe that our customer service is unmatched - let us show you!

We like getting to know you, sitting down with you and ensuring that you don't leave until you're fully on board with what we're doing. We don't expect you to know all the industry jargon and terminology that we do. Breaking it down into terms that make sense to people outside of the online marketing industry is something we make sure to do. Because we're focused on you, we make sure that you're fully comfortable and in the loop

10. We Value Customer Feedback

As a customer-centric organization, Digital Shift captures customer feedback often and regularly. It's our way of understanding the demand forces in the market, but more importantly, it helps us understand exactly the type of service and expertise our clients are after. The digital world evolves very quickly and because of this, the online marketing needs of our clients change rapidly too. We stay knowledgable and on top of our industry partly through listening to what you have to say! Check out our latest results to see how we deliver.

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Get started with a free SEO assessment and report will allow us to better understand your environment and your options at no cost to you. Knowing more about you, your business, your current situation, and your goals allow us to compile a strategy that is 100% tailored for you. We won't place the pressure on you to choose our services but we're quite confident that after speaking with us, you'll want to! Get started with a complimentary assessment and allow us to pinpoint your top five opportunities today.

You'll Know If We're A Good Fit After Just One Call

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Above all, my business was able to be found for my services on Google Maps! I highly recommend Digital Shift for website optimization and online advertising.
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Digital Shift is a very transparent agency who delivers quality work in a timely manner. I highly recommend them for local marketing.
Annie C.
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Their highly in-depth knowledge & experience working in SEO has given my organization a strategic competitive advantage over our competitors.
Matt W.
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