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  • Leave your competitors behind as you rise up in local search rankings and get more qualified leads from prospective clients!
  • Increase brand awareness in your service area to create long-term, sustainable business growth!
  • Start building a strong relationship with potential customers from the first contact with an authoritative, relevant website!
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Float to the Top of Search Rankings with Pool SEO Services

Whether you're a pool builder or your company focuses on pool repair and pool cleaning, you know how challenging the pool industry can be. It's hard work with thin margins, so you need to constantly attract new clients if you want to experience long-term, sustainable business growth. That's a difficult task that never really ends, but there's something that can ease the burden significantly: search engine optimization (SEO).

But not just any search engine optimization — your pool company is unique, and you need a one-of-a-kind SEO service that is tailored to boost your specific business goals. Digital Shift has a proven pool SEO strategy and the experience to adapt it to your company's needs. We know how to ensure that you appear high up in a search result whenever a potential customer enters a search query related to your pool business and service area. By increasing that organic search traffic, you'll get qualified leads more easily and build on that success to increase your revenue year after year.

Why SEO for Swimming Pool Companies Is Critical to Your Business Success

You may be wondering if pool SEO is really that big of a deal. Maybe you've tried to improve your SEO rankings before and it didn't seem to work that well, or you just didn't think you needed it.

Here's why search engine optimization is so crucial to your pool building or pool service company. In the past when someone needed pool contractors, they would ask their neighbors and friends to give them a recommendation, or look in the Yellow Pages to see who's listed, or call a number they saw on an advertisement. Those things don't happen so much anymore. Nowadays, people ask Google for a recommendation — and if Google doesn't recommend your website, they won't even know you exist.

When you enter relevant keywords such as "pool company + your city" into Google, do you have to scroll past a number of your competitors before you find a link to your website? Or, much worse, do you have to click over to the second page of search results to find your URL? That's not a good situation, because about 70% of clicks go to the first five results, and less than 1% of potential clients will click a link on the second search engine results page (SERP). If your site isn't at the top of search rankings in response to search terms that are relevant to your industry and local area, all the organic traffic is going to your competitors who are leveraging swimming pool SEO to their benefit. Since that's where the vast majority of qualified leads originate, you're missing out on a huge portion of prospective local clients who can't find you online.

What Does Digital Shift's Pool SEO Strategy Include?

Digital Shift's unique pool marketing approach consists of everything you need to increase search rankings, bring in new customers, grow your revenue, and experience long-term success.

Our search engine optimization strategy includes:

  • Smart SEO keyword research to identify and optimize long tail keywords with high purchase intent.
  •  A thorough SEO audit of your website design as it relates to technical SEO elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, and image tags.
  • Original, engaging, high-quality content marketing for your website, such as informational blog posts and landing pages that will improve your keyword ranking, as well as off-site content such as social media posts and press releases.
  • Off-page SEO techniques such as link building that will get you high-quality backlinks from authoritative pool websites and other sites related to your industry.
  • Done-for-you Google My Business (GMB) management services to ensure your listing is optimized and regularly refreshed with new content.
  • Creating and submitting optimized business listings for all major business directories pertaining to the swimming pool business to increase website traffic and SEO rankings.

Intelligent Keyword Research

Anyone can look up a list of generic keywords for pool builders, but that's actually not very useful. They are highly competitive keywords, and they aren't focused on your geographical region. You want clicks from your ideal clients — local people who need swimming pool service. Our local SEO research uncovers the achievable keywords that are being used by your potential customers in area-specific and industry-related searches. By optimizing your site for the correct target keywords that are relevant to your services and area, we can get you attention from  your ideal customers who need pool installers or a pool service professional right now and are ready to hire you.

Why Partner With Digital Shift on Swimming Pool Company SEO?

Anyone can buy a plastic kiddie pool and fill it up with their garden hose, but installing an in-ground pool is a major job that requires specialized tools and expertise. In the same sense, any SEO company can put a couple keywords on your website, but a truly effective digital marketing strategy for a pool business requires the help of a pool SEO expert who knows your industry and knows how to speak to your potential clients.

Digital Shift has been in business since 2007, and we've worked hard to develop and hone SEO strategies that go the distance and have a meaningful impact on your business success. Our always-on approach to SEO will net you the results you're looking for and keep growing your pool service business year after year.

Advantages of Working With Digital Shift

  • You'll collaborate with a dedicated account manager, along with other SEO specialists such as graphic designers, copywriters, social media marketers, GMB specialists, and more.
  • Our SEO service is exclusive in your industry and area, which means we'll never work with your competitors so we can focus solely on your success.
  • Access 100% transparent reporting that is easy to understand and shows a clear road map of what is working, as well as helping us identify opportunities for improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool SEO

If you want to know more about pool company SEO, or just have some questions about search engine optimization in general and what Digital Shift can do to improve your online marketing efforts, give us a call and chat with a digital marketing expert about making the Shift! And, check out our answers to some commonly asked pool SEO questions below.

What Types of Pool Companies Can Benefit From SEO?

Pool installation companies, pool cleaning service companies, and virtually every other type of service-based business out there can reap the rewards of a solid SEO strategy tailored to their unique business goals and local service area. The vast majority of potential consumers are using search engines to find the services they need, and if you don't appear high up in search engine rankings, they won't be able to find your company.

Can I Just Set Up My Google My Business Listing and Leave It Alone?

Unfortunately, no. Your GMB listing needs to be optimized, and then constantly updated with fresh content such as posts, offers, and images in order to get the full benefit of the world's largest business citation. If you don't have time to worry about all that on a daily or weekly business, leave it to Digital Shift's Google My Business management team. We'll take care of optimization and content creation, as well as responding to online reviews to encourage further engagement by thanking positive reviews for their contribution. If you get a bad review, we'll consult with you on the best way to handle it to create a positive outcome for both you and the client.

How Will I Know If My Pool SEO Campaign is Actually Working?

The two most important factors are the increase in call volumes and sales, because they have a direct impact on your revenue. We also track a number of other metrics, including Google Analytics, conversion rate, decrease in bounce rate, web design updates, monthly search volume, visibility in online searches, organic traffic, backlinks, and more to see what's working and uncover additional opportunities to grow your business.

Ready to Dive Into the Refreshing Waters with Swimming Pool SEO?

Digital Shift has a plan ready and waiting for you! Tell us about your pain points and ultimate business goals, and we'll adapt our strategy to perfectly fit your unique company. Contact us today to speak with a digital marketing expert and receive a 100% free, no-obligation strategy session with a digital marketing roadmap for your swimming pool SEO!

I didn't know what to expect when I partnered with Digital Shift, but I wanted results and knew that an SEO strategy was a long play. I’m glad I trusted the referral to Digital Shift. Not only did I meet my goal of increasing incoming call volume, but have since exceeded my business’ projected growth. There’s no sense in waiting if you want to grow. You need to do this because, without an active online presence, you're not going to be ranking for anything other than your own name.
Geremy H.
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