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  • Experience steady, long-term growth that will keep your tree care business strong year after year!
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Why You Need Arborist SEO to Fertilize Your Business

You're just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring when you'd rather be working outside on tree care and tree removal, so you decide to Google your business name — and you discover that five or six of your competitors show up first in the search results. Or, even worse, you have to click over to the second page of results to find your tree business website. Now you know why the phone isn't ringing — the first five results on a search engine results page (SERP) get the vast majority of clicks, and only 0.78% of potential customers will click on a link that appears on the second page.

All the work you've done to build a respected tree care company can't get you more leads than your competitors if you're not leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) to your advantage. Word-of-mouth has moved online, and fair or not, customers won't be able to find you without a comprehensive plan to get your website optimized, increase your search ranking, and boost your online presence.

How SEO for Tree Services Boosts Your Growth

Want to know more about why arborist SEO is so critically important in the tree care business? Here are three major reasons why effective SEO for tree services is a must-have.

  • More Lead Generation, More Revenue: Search engine optimization is the best way to bring qualified leads to your virtual doorstep and convert them into long-lasting client relationships that will keep your phone ringing off the hook with new and repeat business.
  • Leave Your Competitors in the Dust: If your rivals are showing up before you in search results, they're winning the arborist SEO competition and taking paying customers away from you. Our tree service SEO can cut down your competitors to make sure you get your fair share of local business.
  • Increase Brand Awareness: People who don't need tree services right now still need to know about your brand. Why? Because when they inevitably need an arborist, your tree company name will be the first to pop into their head and your business will experience steady growth.

What is Included in Digital Shift's SEO for Tree Services?

Digital Shift has a proven plan for the success of your business that we have developed and honed over years. Our exclusive tree service SEO strategy includes every service you need to rank highly in search engine results and get valuable traffic to your site. Our SEO for arborists includes:

  • Smart keyword research marketing strategy to uncover the best local, buyer-related search terms in your service area. We focus on high-value purchase intent keywords to get you organic traffic from website visitors who need your services and are ready to make a purchase decision.
  • Building the authoritativeness of your website with backlink strategies. We use ethical outreach tactics to build partnerships with relevant, high-authority websites in the arborist industry, resulting in high-quality links that indicate to Google your site can be trusted.
  • Google My Business (GMB) listing optimization and management. GMB is a crucial tool for business owners, and Digital Shift helps you make the most of it by ensuring that your GMB listing is set up correctly and refreshed regularly with new content. We also respond to all Google reviews and queries on your GMB.
  • Creating engaging, informative, and relevant content for your website that is optimized to get you ranking for local search terms. Content creation includes blog posts, service pages, and geo pages that are designed to target areas where you'd like to get more business.

Why is Local SEO So Important for Tree Service Companies?

You may be wondering why search engine optimization matters for a local company — after all, clicks from people around the world are useless to you when what you really need is local tree care customers in your service area. That's where local SEO comes in to play. When a potential customer enters search terms into Google, the search engine tries to give them results that are relevant to their local area. Optimizing your website for highly localized keywords signals to Google that potential clients in your service area will want to know about your tree service business.

For example, a person who needs arborist services in Dallas, Texas would likely search for something such as "Dallas tree services," and if your website is optimized for that keyword phrase, it will appear high up in the search results. If it's not optimized, Google's algorithm will ignore your site because it doesn't have any indication of relevancy. That's why local SEO matters so much for tree service contractors like you.

Focus on Long-Term, Bankable Success

When you achieve a high search ranking for relevant industry keywords, it's a big accomplishment — but it doesn't mean the work is done. Digital Shift's online marketing strategies for growth focus on the big picture: a long-term, steady flow of business that we can build on to keep your business strong for years to come. When you pay money for Google Adword, or any other type of paid advertising, the benefit lasts for exactly as long as the ad is visible to prospective consumers. With tree service SEO, the benefits keep rolling in as more and more searchers are converted to qualified, targeted leads.

Why Choose Digital Shift for Tree Service SEO?

While there are plenty of options out there for SEO services, Digital Shift is the right SEO company for tree service marketing in particular. Our exclusive arborist SEO strategies will get you where you want to be and grow your tree service company from there — the sky's the limit!

SEO for Home Services is Our Specialty

Anyone can tug and hack away at tree stump, but effective, efficient stump removal requires specialized tools and expertise. SEO is the same way — you need a specialist to get the job done right. Digital Shift doesn't just specialize in SEO, we focus specifically on SEO for home services such as the tree service industry. That means we understand the unique challenges of your work. We know what your clients are looking for, and we can make sure they get it from you.

Our Arborist SEO Services are Exclusive in Your Area

Sometimes an SEO agency will promise you the world — and then promise the same thing to your competitor! They can't prioritize both of you, and anything they do to increase the search rankings of your rival will have a direct, negative impact on you. Digital Shift solves this problem by refusing to work with your competition. If they try to sign up for our tree service SEO, we will turn them away and focus exclusively on your success.

See Clear, Easy to Understand Results

Sometimes it's difficult to tell if you're getting good results from arborist SEO or some other factor. With Digital Shift, you never have to wonder. We provide transparent, comprehensive reports that clearly show the impact of our tree service SEO, and we're happy to walk you through them any time.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO for Tree Services

Have questions about arborist SEO or SEO in general? No problem! Give us a call right now to chat with an SEO expert about digital marketing services, or check out our answers to some common questions below.

What are the Best Keywords for Arborist SEO?

We could just give you a list of basic tree service keywords, but that's pretty meaningless. You need to know what prospective clients in your particular area are searching so you can train the Google search algorithm to recognize and recommend your tree service website to people in your area who need arborist service and are ready to pay for it. Digital Shift's smart research processes deliver exactly that — and once we discover what those keywords are, we know how to run a successful tree service SEO campaign that will make Google take notice.

How Much Does SEO for Tree Service Companies Cost?

It's understandable that you want to know right now how much you'll be spending, but we need more information about your goals for SEO, your current digital footprint, and the competition in your area, among other factors, before we can determine the best plan of action for your tree service SEO. Give us a call right now or book a free, no-obligation strategy session to find out more.

When Will I See Results From Arborist SEO?

That really depends on a lot of various ranking factors, so it's difficult to pinpoint an exact time frame when you can expect to see noticeable results. However, you'll generally notice a change at around 3-6 months. It's important to remember that SEO strategies are a long-term game and the results are cumulative, so the results you see at 12 months will show a marked improvement over your six-month results.

Do You Use Black Hat SEO Techniques for Tree Service SEO?

Absolutely not. Some shady SEO companies use black hat SEO methods such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, and private link networks to get results fast — but the advantage quickly fizzles away, and your site can be penalized or even suspended by search engines. Digital Shift is careful to only use white hat SEO techniques that follow search engine policies and ethical practices.

Take Advantage of Digital Shift's Proven Tree Service SEO Strategy!

Want to get started on taking your tree service business to the next level? We've got a plan ready for you — all we need to do is put it into action! You focus on taking care of your clients and their trees, and we'll focus on delivering long-term arborist SEO results.

Book a free, no-obligation strategy session right now to find out more about our services and receive a 100% free digital roadmap for your tree service SEO.

I didn't know what to expect when I partnered with Digital Shift, but I wanted results and knew that an SEO strategy was a long play. I’m glad I trusted the referral to Digital Shift. Not only did I meet my goal of increasing incoming call volume, but have since exceeded my business’ projected growth. There’s no sense in waiting if you want to grow. You need to do this because, without an active online presence, you're not going to be ranking for anything other than your own name.
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