White Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is the use of techniques, strategies, and tactics for optimization that focus mainly on human audiences instead of search engines. White Hat SEO adheres to the white hat seoGoogle guidelines for proper SEO practice. An example of this type of SEO is to focus on organic ranking and relevancy while also being optimized for search engines. Some techniques include the use of backlinking, keyword analysis and writing content designed for a human audience.

 Specific White Hat SEO Techniques and Descriptions

Guest Blogging: the act of writing a blog post for another person's blog to get backlinks to increase search engine rankings for the guest blogger's site.

Link Baiting: creating content that draws individuals to your page from another site. Some of the content may include useful sources, informative articles, or controversial and sensational content to intrigue the viewer.

Quality Content: creating a vast amount of useful content will make the website appear valuable to search engines, webmasters, and your general audience. It is particularly valuable when a webmaster finds your website to be resourceful and links to it. Though this is a tedious task, it is very beneficial in the long run.

Internal Linking: providing links to other pages or content within the same website improves your SEO. This has to be done in an ordered way which allows search engines to navigate throughout your domain with ease. The use of extensive and complicated drop-down menus may result in unindexed pages due to the search engines not being able to crawl through the script.

Site Optimization: fine-tuning your wording, content, and site structure to purposely achieve a higher search engine ranking is extremely beneficial to your site. This is the backbone of SEO. It includes re-wording content, keywords, the use of LSI keywords, and the creation of proper titles and meta descriptions. This is the key to a very successful White Hat SEO strategy.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Long Term Optimization Strategy
  • The Highest Rated User Experience
  • There is No Risk Involved


  • It Takes The Longest Amount of Time to Achieve Search Engine Rankings
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