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  • Generate more leads and sales
  • Increase your visibility on search engines like Google
  • Grow your influence with online link building
  • Increase your long-term growth with better search engine optimization
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Do You Need Local SEO for Appliance Repair?

Do you wish you could reach every new customer without paying when someone clicks your Google ad? Is your ongoing social media marketing failing to engage your target audience? Are your efforts on Google Adwords increasing costs and not creating conversions? Do you need help with increasing your online presence, your sales, and the likelihood of someone finding your business when they start a Google search for “appliance repair service”? If you're a business owner offering those services, you should be saying “yes” — especially if you operate in a competitive market.

A PPC campaign could bring in potential customers over the limited course of your marketing efforts, resulting in short-term growth, but that won't help with long-term, sustainable business development. There are astounding benefits that come from partnerships between an SEO company like Digital Shift and home service operators like an appliance repair company — and long-term growth is just one of them!

We Know Appliance Repair SEO

Over three billion searches are made on websites like Google every day. Around half of them are made by people looking for local businesses. When people Google home services, they're looking for trusted local experts. Appliance repair customers want help from businesses that their friends and neighbours rely on — businesses that appear higher up on Google's search engine results page.

As home service SEO specialists, we're proud of the specific, advanced solutions that we've developed over our years of experience helping other businesses like yours. Our case studies show the results we get for our clients. We would love to work with you on a specialized, local SEO campaign to deliver those same results to your business — so you can get more customers too!

Our Appliance Repair SEO Services

We know how important it is to increase your appliance repair calls. With our suite of services, we'll help you manage your Google My Business Account & your local social media, optimize your website, and write content for your digital blog. You never have to worry about developing an SEO plan on your own — or increasing your knowledge about specific digital marketing terminology. We're here to do everything from researching appliance repair keywords to creating high-quality, optimized blog posts. With our local SEO expertise, your first concern will be finding room in your schedule for those new prospective clients.

Our Appliance Repair Local SEO Strategies Include:

  • Google My Business & citation management
  • Creating engaging social media posts
  • On-page optimization for your landing page, main page, & service pages
  • Writing blog articles & other content marketing services
  • Organic link building campaigns

Why is Appliance Repair SEO important?

We don't need to tell anyone who owns an appliance repair company about the importance of standing out from other local experts — especially if you're helping people with services related to competitive keywords like “washing machine repair.”

Every time someone searches for an appliance repair business — on Google or other search engines — your website is weighed against every other appliance repair website on the web. The professional sites with more reviews, backlinks, and higher content quality are pushed to the top. Those who fall behind on creating additional content, generating quality backlinks to that content, and managing their online presence are left behind by local customers.

An aggressive PPC campaign might get more immediate results, but effective search engine optimization is the best long-term strategy for business owners that want to show local customers they're the experts to trust. Building anything right takes time, but the results of a well-planned, tailored SEO campaign could exceed your possible PPC performance — and keep exceeding it.

Is Your Current Appliance Repair SEO Strategy Delivering Results?

Every appliance repair business needs SEO. In today's competitive market, all home services are forced to create a website, but just creating a site isn't enough. Having a website that isn't optimized to help Google match you with users is like having a washing machine without a motor. All websites need optimization to reach people, but not all SEO is made equal.

Low-quality links, poor quality content, and black hat strategies will all provide more harm than help. Likewise, slow, clunky web design will also create problems. Having a website that's poorly optimized is like having a worn out tub bearing. Not only will bad appliance repair company SEO make a lot of noise with Google — which might result in a penalty — but that banging noise will also drive away potential clients.

What are the Benefits of Appliance Repair SEO?

Increasing customer engagement for your target audience, reaching new potential clients, and developing an influential online presence are all ancillary benefits of online marketing. The most important effect of optimizing your website, Google My Business account, and other online platforms is the lasting sales growth that comes with better search rankings.

Appliance Repair SEO Benefits:

  • Enhanced online presence on websites like Google
  • More search traffic directed toward your website
  • Improved SERP presence
  • Higher rankings on Google Maps
  • More phone calls, online bookings, & positive customer reviews
  • Increased sales, lead generation, & local influence

Why Work with an SEO Agency like Digital Shift?

Searching through thousands of keywords takes time. Evaluating your ongoing optimization results requires a specialized rank tracking tool. Safely and effectively implementing optimization requires knowledge about Google webmaster practices, standards, and successful optimization strategies. Not all appliance repair professionals have the time, expertise, or confidence to manage their own organic search strategies. That's where an SEO team like Digital shift steps in.

If you're an appliance repair expert — or any other type of home service professional — you shouldn't also need digital expertise. With help from a company like Digital Shift, you don't! We're here to handle your keyword research, content creation, on-site optimization, and more!

Why Work with Digital Shift?

  • You will be our only client in your service area
  • We specialize in local SEO for home services
  • Our regular, transparent reporting keeps you fully informed
  • Our month-to-month contracts are pressure free
  • We focus on performance-based techniques & provide measurable results
  • Your dedicated account manager will always be available to chat & answer questions
  • We've been helping business like yours since 2007

Frequently Asked Questions about Appliance Repair SEO

How Much Should an Appliance Repair Company Spend on Marketing Each Month?

On average, the appliance repair companies we work with invest about 5% of revenue towards marketing. Depending on seasonality and business goals, this investment can range between 3 to 10%. For instance, each of your technicians generates 20,000 in revenue each month. A good rule of thumb is to invest around 5% or $1,000 per technician into marketing to keep the momentum going and promote further growth.

What Exactly is Appliance Repair SEO?

Search engine optimization for appliance repair websites involves using a wide array of techniques — such as ensuring that your site is fully functional and user-friendly, writing optimized, informational content, and gathering relevant links to your website — to improve your ranking in online search results.

How Will Search Engine Optimization Get Me More Customers?

By increasing your ranking on search engine results pages and associated features like Google Maps, you'll reach more people when they search for “appliance repair services near me.” Content marketing, link building, and other SEO techniques are all implemented to direct more people to your website — so they can schedule an appointment for your services.

Is SEO better than PPC?

Both search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns have their uses. PPC is more effective for promoting temporary sales events and getting quicker, short-term boosts. SEO is better for longer lasting results and sustained growth. Deciding which option is better depends on your needs. You don't have to choose one or the other. There are benefits to using both — even at the same time!

How Long Does Appliance Repair SEO Take?

Search engine optimization takes time to do well. In some markets, you might see results after three months, but it could take as long as six to eight months before you see considerable results. Adapting to updates, tracking results, and consistent effort are all crucial for success during those months, which is why hiring an experienced, trustworthy digital marketing company is so important.

Do You Want More Appointments in Your Schedule?

Digital Shift is here to help with that! We'll focus on your online marketing strategy, so you can stay focused on fridge repair, microwave repair, and all the other appliance repair services you might offer. We'll work with you to optimize your online presence, increase lead generation, and reach more customers.

If you're interested in working with Digital Shift, call our team today, or get started online to schedule your complimentary consultation. We're ready to work with you!

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