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Tired of Being Let Down By Your Digital Marketing Agency?

We get it. At Digital Shift, we've heard time and time again from our clients that they're just not happy with the services they're receiving from their current SEO company. It's very common for marketers to make big promises and then never deliver. Suddenly, you've spent thousands of dollars and are left with minimal growth to show for it. They assure you it's only a matter of time until your leads increase and you build more clients, but you can't help but suspect that there must be a better way. 

And, there is. 

At Digital Shift, we actually have found the best way to grow online. Search engine optimization doesn't have to be complicated, and yet so many agencies don't really know what they're doing. Unlike our company, they haven't taken the time to read through Google's Terms and Services and often make mistakes, such as using black hat tactics, that wind up penalizing your website. Or, they don't bother to come up with a unique content marketing strategy designed to help your real estate business grow.

Our company isn't in the business of cookie-cutter solutions—we’ll give you a uniquely crafted real estate SEO strategy that fits your organization and goals. We know the real estate industry is competitive, which is why we invest our resources into coming up with a distinct solution to your particular online marketing problems. We've spent years mastering our methods, and there's a reason why we have hundreds of happy clients who've experienced tremendous growth by choosing to partner with Digital Shift. 

From optimizing your real estate website and Google My Business listing to developing an off-page SEO strategy designed to get you backlinks, our team of experts can do it all. We truly are your one-stop-shop for digital marketing. By working with us, we guarantee that your real estate business' search engine rankings will improve, you'll gain more clients, and ultimately, make more money. 

Discover the Digital Shift Difference

When we said we're your one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs, we meant it. By partnering with Digital Shift you'll gain access to a wide range of online marketing techniques designed to boost your bottom line. We'll dive into our wide range of services below, but what also sets us apart from the competition is our customer focus.

Much like real estate agencies, at Digital Shift we want to build long term relationships with all our clients. That's why, although you have access to a variety of marketing professionals–including SEO experts, social media coordinators and content writers—we assign a dedicated account manager to work with you on a day-to-day basis. Your account manager will be the expert on everything to do with your real estate company's marketing plan. He or she will be available to answer any questions you might have, replying promptly to your emails or always picking up when you call. 

Transparency is a key aspect of what we do—and is one of the primary values we build our business on. We illustrate this dedication to transparency in a couple ways. Not only will your account manager answer your questions, but we also provide all our customers 24/7 access to our client access portal. You can see updates on your SEO strategy's progress any time, and choose to be as much or as little involved as you want to be. 

Additionally, we embody transparency when it comes to our pricing too. Our company offers month-to-month contracts—so you never feel locked-down—giving you the freedom to adjust your real estate SEO marketing plan as much as you like. Often, we have customers who sign up for a couple of blog posts a month only to quickly add-on our other services. After they see the difference search engine optimization makes—and the resulting boost in organic search results—they capitalize on our expertise with greater magnitude. 

Yet, no matter how fantastic our customer service is, we wouldn't talk the talk if we couldn't walk the walk. Our services will be revolutionary for your real estate business! Our real estate marketing experts will produce outstanding real estate content that will improve your conversion rate—convincing prospective home buyers to choose you, or your real estate agents, as their trusted realtor. 

We Are a Full Service Digital Marketing and SEO Agency

But, what do our real estate SEO services actually achieve? Our dynamic team of digital marketing geniuses will work hard to get your website appearing in relevant online searches and ranking on Google's front page. For a full breakdown of our extensive real estate SEO services, read on.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO efforts are extensive. There are many moving parts that make up a successful campaign, including:

Keyword Research:

Using the best keyword research tools, our SEO experts will take the time to uncover the best short and long-tail keywords that are designed to help your content rank on Google. We know how to find the balance between competitive keywords and relevant search terms so your target market can connect with you or your real estate agents. 

Local SEO:

Our secret ingredient! Local SEO is one of the most powerful and under-used methods to boost your online presence and put your content where your target market can find it. By using geo-targeted keywords, we limit the amount of online competition you have to deal with while trying to boost your search rankings. Essentially, you're only competing with other realtors in your area instead of all the real estate agents online. Prospects in the neighborhoods you work in will be able to find you faster, rather than having to sift through real estate professionals that don't serve their community. This increases your conversion rate, and helps you get found on Google Maps. Examples of local SEO include, "real estate listings near me" and "homes for sale in [city]."

Page and Blog Content:

There's a saying in the digital marketing world that content is king. Relevant content—from service pages and blog posts that resonate with your target market—need to be informative, engaging and demonstrative of your authority as a local real estate agency. Not only can Google tell high-quality content from poorly written work, but it can also tell when black-hat tactics like keyword stuffing or duplicate content are used to try and increase your online presence. At Digital Shift, we know authenticity is key. We'll write helpful content integrated with relevant keywords and internal links designed to get you ranking—and that stays inline with Google's Terms and Services.

Link Building:

You've likely heard that backlinks are beneficial for SEO, but aren't really sure how to get them. It's true, inbound links are one of the factors that Google looks at when determining how useful, trustworthy and authoritative your content is. And we're here to lift the veil of mystery on how to get backlinks to your content. This off-page SEO tactic involves a link building campaign. Link building campaigns take a lot of manpower to get off the ground. The good news is, at Digital Shift we have an entire team dedicated to link building. We'll masterfully get outbound links supporting your content so you can watch your organic rankings soar.

Google My Business:

Do you have a Google My Business listing? If not, you should. And, you should ensure it is fully optimized—and complemented with regular postings. If this sounds like a lot of work you don't have time for—after all, you're busy showing homes and handling sales for your clients—then let us take care of your listing for you. Google My Business management is a very important part of search engine optimization. Google likes it when businesses use their directory; it illustrates that you're a legitimate company. Furthermore, by optimizing your GMB listing, you also help your website rank on Google maps, which is imperative for prospective homebuyers or sellers looking for a "real estate agent near me."

There is another important reason why you should be maximizing your Google My Business listing: reviews. When a client leaves an online review, whether positive or negative, you should be replying right away. This illustrates your dedication to your clients, and can possibly turn a negative sentiment into a positive one. Customers often look at a business' reviews before making a hiring decision. Reviews also help you rank higher on Google Maps. 

Social Media Profiles: 

Tired of handling your social media accounts? Navigating the multitude of social media platforms can be exhausting and time-consuming. Yet, working on your social media presence is key for lead generation, building a loyal following, instilling a sense of community and raising brand awareness. This is especially the case for real estate agents since your personal brand is that key factor which convinces prospects to hire your services. It's vital that your personal brand shines on your social media profiles. At Digital Shift, our social media coordinators are experts at building your brand so you dominate online. 

User Friendly Real Estate Sites:

With more and more consumers looking for real estate services online, it's imperative that your website stands out and is easy to use. Quick loading times, alluring imagery and a logically laid out navigation are key for retaining the interest of your prospects. Optimizing websites can be quite a technical task, so it's best to leave it to the professionals to ensure you're getting the most out of your search engine optimization strategy.

Paid Advertisements:

While SEO is our bread and butter, our team can also help you with a paid ads strategy—if that's suitable for your real estate company's marketing needs. We can set-up and monitor pay-per-click ads, Facebook Ads and Google Ads all designed to get you more clicks. Although, it's important to note that without investing in organic traffic as well, you don't gain any authority on Google while using a paid ads strategy. Once the campaign ends, your link disappears from Google's first page.

Are you convinced that hiring our services is the way to go, and you're ready to book your free consultation? Great! But if you need a further explanation before making the choice to invest in your real estate company's growth, take a look at our client case studies. You can also browse our FAQ section below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you might have some questions about how a real estate SEO strategy can benefit your real estate business. While we've answered some of these questions below, you're also welcome to give one of our SEO specialists a call at (888)-380-2260 to learn more.

Why is Backlink Building Important for Your Real Estate Website?

As mentioned above, backlinks are imperative for growing your online presence. In a nutshell, the more backlinks your site has, the higher you will rank. Link building is the process of getting more inbound links to your website. This increases your site's authority and is an important metric for Google to measure how highly your site should rank during a search query.

It's important that link building campaigns are done organically. Buying links or getting links through manipulative tactics is frowned upon by Google, and could wind up harming your website's ability to rank organically. It's also important to note that not all links are created equal. Links from websites that are highly authoritative are better than links from websites with low authority. Why? Because authority is kind of like credibility. If a credible person recommends your business, it's more trustworthy than someone with no clout.

Why Are Local Citations Important for Real Estate Agents?

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address and phone number of your real estate business. They're an important part of any SEO strategy because citations help prospects discover your business, and improve your ranking on Google maps. 

It's important that your business information is listed identically across your various platforms—starting with Google My Business. Consistency is key, as Google penalizes business with mis-matched citations. In addition to Google My Business, your business citation could appear on:

  • Facebook
  • The Better Business Bureau
  • Yelp
  • And more

Why is Keyword Research Important for Real Estate SEO?

Keywords are important because they help your content gain organic traffic. They essentially serve as a bridge between what your prospects are searching for and the content you're providing—answering their questions and educating them about a topic related to your realty niche. Ultimately, this technique is geared to convert searchers into loyal clients. 

It's important to pick keywords that touch on the needs of your clients. By writing content that is actually useful for your target market, it starts to build trust. This is very important, especially for realtors. Your industry depends on building relationships, and in our increasingly digital world, that starts with your website—particularly, with your content.

Additionally, it's important that keywords are naturally integrated into your content. This is why using a professional content writer is beneficial. An expert is able to seamlessly integrate keywords into your blog posts and pages so it doesn't feel forced or inauthentic—which could drive clients away.

How to Improve the On-Page SEO of Your Real Estate Professional Website?

There are many ways to improve on-page SEO for your website, including high-quality content creation, optimizing for user friendliness and more. At Digital Shift, we're happy to walk you through the best ways to optimize your on-page SEO during our free consultation. We'll go over your pain points, areas for growth and what you're already doing well in order to build your unique SEO strategy.

Choose Growth Today. Choose to Partner With Digital Shift.

Are you ready to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level and experience significant financial growth? Partnering with Digital Shift is the answer. Since 2007, we've helped hundreds of other business owners just like you achieve their business goals. With us handling your SEO campaign, you can expect tangible results that give you the growth you desire.

To establish your real estate agency as the leading authority on the housing market in your area today, and to boost your bottom line, give us a call at (888)-380-2260. You can also fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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