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  • Book more restoration projects without relying on just paid ads or lead aggregators
  • Significantly lower your average cost-per-lead with SEO
  • Dominate Google results with local and organic first-page rankings
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Search Engine Optimization for Restoration Companies

Does your website appear when customers look for disaster restoration companies in your area? If your website isn't sitting in the upper echelon of Google search results, that's a problem. Every day, people use major search engines for over three billion inquiries. Just having an online presence isn't enough to appear in those searches. Every damage restoration company should be working with an SEO company to improve their search engine rankings.

Damage restoration SEO puts you in front of more potential customers online, which means you'll receive more phone calls from people who need your services. All that organic search traffic broadens your revenue stream — and increases your sales — at a higher margin than costly digital advertising campaigns.

If you're looking to get more leads, you need damage restoration SEO. Paid lead acquisition strategies get expensive fast. PPC could certainly be part of a smart digital marketing strategy, but your restoration business also needs long-term, organic optimization to generate sustainable online growth.

Paid digital lead generation campaigns don't provide the same outstanding benefits as SEO campaigns that are created to increase your authority and rank for terms like “water restoration.” With the touch of an experienced SEO company, web traffic will rush toward your site like water in a rainstorm. Flooding water might be bad for books in someone's basement, but flooding organic traffic is excellent for the books of a restoration business. If you're interested in increasing your margins by lowering your average cost-per-lead, then we should talk about search engine optimization today.

If your company offers services like water damage restoration, Digital Shift can help! Helping local business owners is our passion, and providing innovative SEO for your company is our mission. Our experts have an SEO strategy that includes everything you'd expect to find in any SEO package, but we also tweak those services directly for your company and your service area.

We're Restoration Industry SEO Experts

About half of those three billion questions people ask on Google are related to local services like water restoration. That's why local SEO is so important for businesses like a water restoration company. Without water restoration SEO, few people will find your business — if any find it all. Creating a GMB account and local social media is a good start, but you'll need more than basic social media marketing to increase your search engine rank.

A successful SEO campaign for damage restoration service should also include on-site optimization, high-quality content creation, and off-page strategies like external link gathering and citation management. Those solutions are part of what Digital Shift has been providing for businesses like yours since 2007.

We've been handling damage restoration SEO services since before Google Adwords became just Google Ads. Over our many years of experience, we've built an impressive collection of case studies by providing  exceptional SEO for restoration companies — and many other types of home service businesses.

Whether you specialize in mold removal or provide a wide range of services that also includes mold remediation, we've got a plan to bring your website more relevant traffic, help you reach more qualified leads, and convert those quality leads into satisfied customers!

Our Restoration Company SEO Strategies

In the same way that mold remediation goes beyond basic removal to also get rid of contaminated material, our suite of specialized SEO marketing services goes beyond just researching damage restoration keywords and stuffing them into your content. In fact, we also help company owners fix that kind of poor SEO on their website, just as a damage restoration business might remove mold-contaminated surfaces from a home.

If your company needs online damage restoration marketing, our services will help you get more appointments without paying for more leads. Our team's specialities are comprehensive. With all our skills put together, we work to improve your search rankings and help your company appear in SERP features — such as the snack pack on Google Maps — so your potential customers always know exactly who to call!

Our Restoration Company SEO Solutions Include:

  • Tracking & fixing citation signals
  • Monitoring Google My Business & local social media accounts
  • Daily posting & review responses
  • On-site solutions for better crawling & indexing
  • Content marketing for your local target audience
  • Gathering better backlinks with organic link-building strategies

Completing keyword research, writing high-quality content, responding to reviews, and everything else involved with SEO for restoration companies all takes time, skill, and expertise. We're here to handle every aspect of your search engine optimization. All you should have to worry about is managing a flood of new clients. By increasing your local search rankings, we plan to turn your future growth dreams into a revenue reality!

Already Working with an SEO Marketing Team?

Is your existing SEO directing enough website traffic to your business? Are you still waiting for an increase in leads that doesn't seem to come? Poor SEO is just as bad as no search engine optimization at all. If your existing strategy hasn't delivered measurable results in the expected timeframe, it may be time to consider what your current SEO provider is actually doing for you.

One of our digital marketing specialists is ready to perform a local market analysis to evaluate how your money is being spent and create a plan to put you back on the path to success. A strategy session with Digital Shift will help you connect with every potential customer in your area when they look for a local building restoration service.

Why Choose Digital Shift?

When it comes to search engine optimization, we have the skills and experience required to put your company right in front of people who Google local services to find businesses like a water damage restoration company or mold remediator. As a home services SEO specialist, we're proud of the knowledge and skill we bring to businesses like yours, but that's not the only benefit of choosing our team!

Benefits of Making The Shift:

  • We only work with one client in each service area
  • Our contracts are month-to-month
  • We offer complimentary, no-pressure consultations
  • You'll receive regular, fully transparent reports
  • We use in-depth data tracking & performance-based methods to deliver measurable results
  • Your dedicated account manager will create a plan for your unique needs & answer all your questions
  • We've been working with home services businesses & successfully adapting to Google changes since 2007.

Are You Ready For More Growth?

Digital Shift will build a search engine optimization plan and implement strategies that bring more people to your business — and put more money in your pocket. Damage restoration business owners shouldn't have to worry about factors like optimized web design and search result ranking methods. With Digital Shift on your side, you won't!

Call our team if you need an SEO expert for your restoration company, or schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation today.

FAQs about Restoration Company SEO

Why Do I Need Damage Restoration SEO?

Google and other major search engines are the biggest business directories in the world, but appearing on their front page isn't as easy as starting your business name with the letter “a.” There are many jokes about what people might put on the second page of Google, but the punchline is always that nobody will find it.

If you provide water damage restoration, mold remediation, or similar services, SEO is the best way to make sure people actually find your website. More visibility means more potential appointments, which means you'll get more opportunities to help customers.

How Long Until it Works?

Good things always take time. That's just as true for professional restoration service as it is for professional search engine optimization. SEO is a strategy for creating future growth, and it often takes several months for any effective plan to produce results. Be wary of teams or freelancers that offer immediate ranking boosts. If your market isn't competitive, you might only need to wait three or four months, but many techniques require at least six months to take full effect.

Isn't Google Ads better than SEO?

It would be more accurate to say that Google Ads and SEO are both great, but they're best used for accomplishing different objectives. PPC platforms are great for short-term sales boosts and limited campaigns. Search engine optimization provides superior, lasting results for creating continuous growth.

You don't have to choose between one or the other, but you should use both options for the things they're best at. You wouldn't hire an automotive restoration company to fix flood damage in a house. The same could be said for SEO and PPC.

Is Search Engine Optimization Still Worth It Today?

Is there a bad time for more people to find you? Unless you're trying to avoid growth, better optimization for search engines is typically a good idea. Google's algorithm might continuously change over time, but the job of an SEO specialist is to understand how those changes work, what they mean for businesses, and the requirements for working within those evolving standards.

Will Damage Restoration SEO Really Boost My Revenue?

The purpose of all search engine optimization techniques is to put your company in the easiest place for people that need your services to find them. Without an optimized website, you're missing out on potential revenue. With proper optimization, more people searching for restoration services will be directed toward your website — and into the avenues that lead toward help for them and revenue for you!

I didn't know what to expect when I partnered with Digital Shift, but I wanted results and knew that an SEO strategy was a long play. I’m glad I trusted the referral to Digital Shift. Not only did I meet my goal of increasing incoming call volume, but have since exceeded my business’ projected growth. There’s no sense in waiting if you want to grow. You need to do this because, without an active online presence, you're not going to be ranking for anything other than your own name.
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