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Are you Looking for SEO for Dentists? We have you Covered!

SEO for Dentists

At Digital Shift, SEO for dentists is done right! Our search engine optimization (SEO) experts know the best SEO practices for dentists and dental service. Our years of expertise in helping our dentist clients rise to the top of search engines gives us the confidence that we can help your business grow! Our SEO for dentists will help bring dental patients to your dentist clinic or office. We'll also help you analyze the optimal keywords that your target customers typically are searching for as well as keep an eye on your competitors to ensure that you stand out.

With our search engine optimization strategy, potential patients in your target market will have an increased awareness of your dental business. Our team is full of experts in website credibility. With a professional, credible-looking dental website, you'll be building a trustworthy relationship with your customers from the very first point of contact! This will ultimately result in more website traffic and real business for your dental office.

Our work does not stop once you start to rank at the top of searches — our strategy will ensure you stay ahead even when the competition is fierce. With our knowledge and tools, we guarantee that our work will be delivered on time, on budget, and meet or exceed your expectations!

Do Dentists Really Need Dental SEO?

Dentists don't need dental SEO — as long as they're fine with sitting around waiting for the phone to ring while all their potential patients go to their competitors for dental services. If that thought doesn't appeal to you and you're looking for ways to grow your dental practice, you absolutely need SEO for dentists.

The days when dentists — or any other kind of service professional, for that matter — could rely on traditional marketing and word-of-mouth alone are long gone. If you're interested in long-term, sustainable business growth that will have you happily performing root canals for years to come, a strong dentist SEO strategy is an absolute necessity. Here are a few of the ways that Digital Shift's SEO services can impact the success of your business.

Higher Search Engine Rankings = More Dental Clients

When you do a Google search for "dentist + your city" do you have to scroll past five or six of your rivals before you find a link to your dental website? Or even worse, do you have to click over to the second page of search engine results? That's not a good sign. The facts are that nearly 30% of clicks will go to the first organic result on a search engine results page (SERP) and it declines dramatically from there. Only 2.5% of clicks go to the tenth result, and just 0.78% of searchers will click a link on the second page of results. That means potential clients aren't just passing you over in favor of your competition — they're not even noticing that you exist.

That's a huge part of why dental SEO is so critically important — you need leads to keep your dental chair occupied with clients, and the vast majority of leads go to the websites that rank highest on search engines. Digital Shift's organic SEO experts know how to increase your search engine visibility and that will ultimately result in more clients to keep your business just as healthy as your patient's toothy smiles.

Leave Your Competition Behind

It's no coincidence that competing dental practices are higher up in search rankings than you. It's because they are leveraging SEO for dentists to their advantage and reaping the rewards. SEO is a long-term game and the results are cumulative, so the longer you put off utilizing dental website SEO, the farther down you'll slip in the rankings and the fewer clicks you'll get from prospective patients. The good news is that Digital Shift can help you outpace the competition and claim a place in local search rankings that will get your dental practice website its fair share of clicks and organic traffic.

Increase Awareness of Your Brand

If someone is suffering from impacted wisdom teeth or another painful problem, they obviously need your services right now. But people who aren't looking for a dentist at the moment still need to know about your dental practice. Why? Because they'll need a dentist sooner rather than later, and when they do, the name of your practice should be what pops into their heads. Raising awareness of your brand in your local area is an effective strategy for long-term growth.

Digital Shift Has an Effective, Proven SEO for Dentists Strategy

At Digital Shift, we're on your team and want to see your business succeed. We work together with you to help you reach your SEO goals. We have been in business since 2007, and we've spent years developing and fine-tuning our approach to dental SEO service. Our strategy for dental search engine optimization has been adapted, tested, and proven to work for dentists like you.

 Intelligent, Thorough Keyword Research

You probably already know the basics of keyword rankings: when a potential client enters search queries that are relevant to the services you offer, ideally your dental website will appear in the first few organic search results, and they'll ultimately book an appointment with you. But just ranking highly for "dentist + your city" isn't enough — chances are, that keyword is highly competitive and difficult to rank for, but more importantly, there are a lot of people out there who need your services and are using different search terms. To reach them, you need to know which target keywords your prospective patients are using so your website can be optimized to show up in their search results as well. Digital Shift uses smart, comprehensive research techniques to uncover the exact search terms your potential clients are using so we can target them with on-page and off-page SEO and make sure your site is showing up exactly where your new patients are looking.

Local Results for Local Customers

You may be wondering why it's so important to rank highly on Google — the internet is global, and you don't want random clicks from people around the world, you want attention from local people in your area who can use your dental services. That's where local SEO comes in. Often people don't search for their city name, they search for something like "dentist near me." Google always tries to show searchers results that are relevant to their local area, but sometimes it needs a little help. Your website might be showing up in search results for your city, but what about individual neighborhoods, or small towns nearby that don't have their own dental practices? By optimizing your website for those areas, we can get your dental business showing up in those people's search results as well, and keep your appointment schedule fully booked.

High-Quality Backlinks

What we do to optimize your website for the right keywords is obviously important, but there are some parts of SEO that happen off your website and can make a huge impact on your ranking success. Every time another site links to your website, it sends a signal to Google that other people consider your site to be trusted and relevant. Digital Shift uses a thoughtful link building strategy that involves building partnerships with high-authority websites with individual outreach, guest posts, and other backlink strategies. The backlinks not only encourage Google to consider your website authoritative, but also bring you traffic from clients who follow links on respectable websites.

Optimized Content Creation

When you have long-form content on your website, such as blog posts that are optimized for relevant keywords, it tells Google that your site is an informative and relevant source of information on dentistry. For example, a blog post on "Permanent Dentures Vs. Dental Implants: What's Right for You?" will help your site to rank higher in search results for the keyword phrases "permanent dentures" and "dental implants." But it can't just be a mash-up of related words that don't make a lot of sense — it needs to be high-quality content that helps the reader just as much as it helps Google. Digital Shift's in-house copywriters use tested content marketing strategies to create engaging blog posts and other content that are optimized but also fascinating to your website visitors.

Why Choose Digital Shift for Dental SEO Services?

Digital Shift has helped hundreds of businesses optimize their dental websites with carefully considered SEO strategies and digital marketing services. Our clients choose us because we first take the time to understand your pain points, goals, and sales targets. We then work with you to understand your costs per client and the number of calls you receive before you achieve a client or sale. This information is used to determine the number of leads required to reach your sales targets and to create the optimal strategy for your specific business! Our clients receive new leads, win customers, and increase profits. Dentists choose Digital Shift because we offer:

  • FREE no-obligation assessments
  • Easy to understand, up-front pricing
  • Timely, professional service
  • 100% uptime reporting portal

Digital Shift is Experienced with SEO for Dentists

Anyone can (and should) brush and floss, but when a kid needs a cavity filled, it's time to bring in a pediatric dentist. SEO is similar — anyone can put a few basic keywords on their website, but if a dentist wants to see sustainable business growth, it's time to bring in a dental SEO expert. Digital Shift focuses on service industries — we have years of experience working with dental practices and related businesses. We understand the challenges of marketing your services, and we know what your patients are looking for, so we can help them find it at your practice.

Work Directly with Digital Marketing Experts

When you call Digital Shift for support, you don't have to worry about being bounced around among people who have never seen your account and don't know what's going on. Instead, you'll have a dedicated account manager who has been with you from the beginning and can answer all your questions. Your account manager will bring other specialists from our team into the conversation when needed, so you'll get comprehensive support from knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about seeing your business thrive.

Our in-house experts include:

  • Graphic designers
  • Social media professionals
  • SEO copywriters
  • Content marketers
  • Search engine optimization specialists
  • Google Maps specialists

Our dedicated team will deliver the best strategy and SEO possible for your dentist office

 Clear, Easy to Understand Results

Are the increases in call volumes and website traffic happening because of your dentist SEO strategy, or some other factor? When you partner with Digital Shift, you never have to wonder. We'll provide comprehensive, honest reports that show you the impact of our SEO efforts. We'll update you as often or as little as you please, but you'll always have the comfort of knowing that you have full access to your reports and information anytime you like — we pride ourselves on our full transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO for Dentists

If you have some questions about dental SEO or just SEO in general, give us a call right now to chat with a digital marketing expert about what you need to boost your business to the next level. Or, check out our answers to some common dentist SEO questions below.

How Long Does SEO for Dentists Take?

SEO is a long-term game. You have to keep at it to continue getting good results — but on the upside, the results are cumulative and long-lasting. You can expect to see a noticeable change after about 3 to 6 months of solid, ongoing SEO effort, and your 12-month results will be a big improvement over your 6-month results.

Which is Better for Dentists, SEO or PPC?

If you're looking for long-term success and a strong return on investment (ROI), SEO will be more valuable to you than pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements. As your website starts to rank higher, your click-through rate (CTR) will increase. More clicks signal to Google that your website is relevant and authoritative, which further increases your search engine rankings, creating a long-term positive feedback loop. Also, organic search results are far more trusted by searchers than paid advertisements — many people will automatically ignore advertisements and go straight to the first organic result.

Advertisements are only effective when they're actually being displayed, so you can spend thousands on Google Adwords only to have the positive impact plummet as soon as the ads stop running. That being said, PPC does have its place as part of a strong digital marketing strategy. It's particularly helpful to raise brand awareness for businesses that are just starting up or that have a weak online presence.

What is the Difference Between On-Page and Off-Page SEO for Dentists?

On-page SEO refers to anything on your website that is optimized for search engines. That could mean a keyword-optimized blog post, for example, or technical SEO elements such as adding and optimizing a title tag, meta descriptions, and internal links, or even just running a website audit to check for stuff like broken links. On the other side, off-page SEO refers to factors that aren't part of your website and you can't directly control, such as backlinks that indicate your website's trustworthiness and authority to Google.

Do Dentists Need a Google My Business Listing?

Absolutely. Google My Business has evolved into the world's largest online business citation, which makes it critically important for any service-based business. But you can't just "set it and forget it" — it needs to be optimized and then managed. Digital Shift takes care of Google My Business management so you don't have to worry about it. We'll refresh your listing regularly with new content and special offers, add photos, and respond to online reviews by thanking positive reviews for their contribution. If you get a negative review, we'll consult with you on the best way to handle it so we can create a positive outcome for both you and the client.

Do You Only Do Dentist SEO for Google? What About Other Search Engines?

Our dental SEO strategy will work to increase your search rankings on any search engine. The reason we talk about Google in particular so much is because we're currently living in a Google-dominated search environment. Google claims a staggering 92.2% of the search engine market share worldwide, with Bing and Yahoo coming in second and third at 2.27% and 1.5% respectively. So, while it's great to rank highly on all search engines, it's safe to say that Google is where your potential customers are looking.

How Can You Tell if a Dental SEO Campaign is Successful?

The increase in sales and call volumes are key components of a successful SEO campaign, because those are the factors that pad your revenue stream. We also monitor and record metrics such as your conversion rate, Google Analytics, organic traffic, keyword rankings, backlinks, online visibility, bounce rate, and a number of other metrics to ensure that our SEO effort is meeting or exceeding your goals for SEO.

Another SEO Company Guaranteed They Could Get Me Ranking at #1, Can You Do That?

No, we can't — and that other SEO agency is lying to you or planning to violate Google's policies. Unethical SEO agencies will sometimes use black hat SEO techniques to impress you with big gains early on, but the advantage quickly dries up and your site can be penalized or even suspended by Google. You'll never find an above-board dental SEO company who will guarantee you the number one spot in a search ranking because there are just too many factors at play and Google's algorithm changes so frequently. That being said, we are 100% confident that we can get you first-page Google rankings in your local market and offer you an excellent return on investment by increasing your clientele.

Sit Back and Put Your Trust in Digital Shift for Expert Dental SEO Marketing!

Not understanding why your business isn't showing up on search engines or why your website isn't generating any traffic is frustrating. Many businesses experience these issues, because search engine optimization can be very complex. Don't worry, we have you covered!

Digital Shift will work out any online marketing troubles you are having and put you on the fast track to growth and success. Our team of experts are motivated and go the extra mile to ensure we can do everything to help your business. This is why our customers choose to stay with us even though they are not contractually obligated to do so. We value our customers, and we hope you decide to become one!

Contact us today for a complimentary SEO for dentists assessment and speak directly with a digital marketing specialist who has a plan for your business.

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