What is a Backlink?

A backlink, or link, is essentially a reference, or citation, from one page to another. When clicked, A backlink connects the user from their current page to another web resource, which may be another relevant Backlinkweb page, website, image or web directory.

Backlinks are used in Search Engine Optimization or SEO to increase ranking through white-hat outreach. Backlinks are used as an off-page technique to increase the ranking of a website according to search engine results. Having links to other resources is an example of an on-page technique. Backlinks can take the form of a website URL or Anchor Text and can also be added to an image.

How do Backlinks Work?

Links are like “votes” and increase your popularity in Google. The number of links and quality of the sources where the links are found affect search engine algorithms in determining how a page ranks. This generally means that the more high-quality links you have from relevant sources, the higher you will appear on the search engine results page.

Benefits of Using Backlinks

  • Boost organic SEO ranking
  • Increases ease and speed of indexing
  • Increased traffic from connected websites

Example of a Backlink

Jake writes a blog about digital marketing. On his blog, he references Digital Shift and provides the URL to their website's homepage. This backlink to helps Digital Shift with their off-page Search Engine Optimization and helps Jake's blog with his on-page Search Engine Optimization. Jake could use the anchor text 'Digital Shift' instead of the URL to link to Digital Shift's website.

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