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  • Stop paying for expensive marketing strategies that don’t last
  • Improve your online presence and experience long-term, sustainable growth
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Boost Your Irrigation Business' Growth with Digital Shift, an SEO for Irrigation Company

Maybe you’ve set up a Google Business Profile and a website for your irrigation company, but the calls just aren’t coming in like you want them to. Or maybe you’re spending lots of money on online marketing tools like pay-per-click (PPC) Google ads, but they don't seem to make a lasting impact on your return on investment (ROI). Does any of this sound familiar? If so, it’s time to start building a long-term insulation SEO strategy that will produce lasting results at a fraction of the cost.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a crucial component of building a long-term and low cost digital marketing campaign. When SEO is done right, you’ll grow your organic search leads, improve your search engine result page (SERP) ranking, and expand your customer base. With Digital Shift’s irrigation SEO, we’ll help you hit the top of the SERP for your local area—and stay there.

How Irrigation SEO can Benefit Your Business

When you need to find a product or service in your local area, what do you do? You type “service + location” into the search bar and click the first result that comes up. If you’re looking for something really specific, you might look at the top five links. But, chances are good that this is as far down the list as you’ll scroll.


Now, try searching for “irrigation company + my location”. How far do you have to scroll to find your own business? One of the best things you can do to improve your online visibility to potential customers is to appear within the top three results of the SERP.

A comprehensive and in-depth SEO campaign with a digital marketing for irrigation company is exactly what you need to get your business there. Using our advanced knowledge and diverse package of SEO strategies, we’ll get you to the top of that local SERP.

What You’ll Get with Digital Shift’s Irrigation SEO Service

Since 2007, Digital Shift has developed search engine optimization strategies for countless home services franchises across the United States and Canada—including irrigation and landscaping companies. Using our extensive experience, we combine research on your company’s goals, gaps, and local service area to develop an SEO strategy that includes everything you could want and more. Some of our most popular SEO services include:

  • Website optimization. Also known as on-site optimization or on-page SEO, our website optimization service makes sure your website’s titles, text, images, meta titles, and meta descriptions are all set-up to help your business appear in search results. We don’t doubt that your website looks great to the human eye, but it has to look good to Google’s algorithm too.
  • Content writing. With so much online competition these days, content writing is a vital digital marketing strategy for helping you stand out from your competitors. Our blogging outreach service will fill your website’s blog with lots of engaging content that adds value for your customers. Our SEO team and content writing team work together to produce blog posts that contains wonderful writing that has been optimized to help prospective clients find your business. Regularly posting valuable content will indicate to Google that you're an authoritative expert in your field.
  • Local link building. To get your content seen, we’ll reach out to relevant blogs and ask to place a link to your site within their articles. This helps get your content noticed by a wider audience.
  • Social media marketing. One of the best ways you can build your brand awareness is through building a social media presence. Our team will consistently post copy on your social media accounts to grow your client base, increase engagement, and improve brand trustworthiness.
  • Online reputation management. That Google Business Profile you set up and never looked twice at again? It could be doing so much more for you. Our digital marketing for insulation company can respond to client reviews (including negative reviews, regular reviews, and that special glowing review) for you to improve customer satisfaction, answer questions, and add photos. Giving this task to an SEO for irrigation company frees up more time for you to focus on the tasks that require your attention the most.

What Makes Digital Shift Different From Your Average Digital Marketing Service?

Most digital marketing companies take on clients from a wide range of industries. At Digital Shift, we work exclusively with home services companies, such as snow removal companies, sprinkler companies, and irrigation professionals. This has allowed us to become an expert in these industries. We know exactly what works, as well as what doesn’t. Even if you found an SEO for irrigation company that specialized in nothing else, we still believe our services would be your top choice. Here are some of the reasons our clients love working with us.

  • Dedicated account managers. We want you to get the most out of your partnership with us. You’re busy and don’t have the time to repeat the same information over and over to different team members. That’s why we assign you a dedicated account manager who will remain your Digital Shift contact the entire time you work with us.
  • Transparent reporting. Want to know exactly how your SEO campaign is going for you? Log in to your customer portal at any time to see live data.
  • Long-term relationships. We don’t lock our clients into annual contracts, but many of our clients decide to stay with us for years anyway due to great results and our excellent customer service. Some of our first clients are still with us today, 15 years later. We’re in it with you for the long haul.
  • Exclusivity. When we begin working with you, we say no to every other company in your local area that offers the same services. This means you’ll receive exclusivity to our irrigation SEO services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Irrigation SEO Service

Should I invest in local irrigation SEO or national irrigation SEO?

The answer to this question depends on your business goals. If you offer irrigation services from a single location, a local SEO strategy may be all that you need. A local SEO strategy includes website optimization, online reviews, local listings, and citations to make you a local customer's number one choice for irrigation services. Customers often look for local businesses nearby using mobile devices, so a local SEO strategy will ensure your website is optimized for mobile browsing. If you have no need to target potential customers outside of your area, local SEO is probably the way to go.

On the other hand, if you sell irrigation products on your website or you’re a company with multiple franchises across the country, you probably wish to reach a wider audience. Local SEO is always important, but in this case, national SEO strategies like content marketing efforts, link building, and keyword strategy are also worth investing in. An SEO for irrigation company like Digital Shift can help you stand out among competitors nationally.

What kind of results can I expect from an irrigation SEO strategy?

At Digital Shift, we believe in measurable results. We track multiple measures to get a comprehensive understanding of how our irrigation SEO strategy is doing. These include the number of phone calls your business is receiving each week, the number of new backlinks earned, the percent increase in search engine visibility, the percent increase in website visits, and percent increase in revenue.

To learn more about how partnering with Digital Shift created measurable results for our clients, check out some of our case studies.

Can I build an irrigation SEO strategy on my own?

The simple answer? Yes. Anyone can do their own SEO research with help from free products and guides. But just because you can do it on your own doesn’t mean you should.

An effective SEO strategy takes a lot of work. The amount of time it takes to research keywords for your area, optimize your website, reach out to blogs for link building, and write compelling content (which tends to do best when it’s over 500 words in length) is more work than one person can do on their own. You’ll need to hire a few people to build an effective in-house SEO team, and you can bet that will cost you a pretty penny.

By partnering with an SEO for irrigation company like Digital Shift, you get access to a team of experts at what they do for a much lower cost than you would with an in-house team. The choice is pretty simple to make, isn’t it?

Partner with Digital Shift to Stand Out From the Competition

With the help of digital marketing agency experts at Digital Shift, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your business grow. By combining our superpowers—your outstanding irrigation system installation services and our irrigation SEO expertise—your irrigation business will be unstoppable.

To get started with Digital Shift, fill out our online contact form at the top of this page to get a free, no obligation quote. Still have questions about our services? No problem! Simply give us a call at 888-380-2260 and one of our digital marketing experts will be happy to discuss exactly how we can help you reach your goals.

I didn't know what to expect when I partnered with Digital Shift, but I wanted results and knew that an SEO strategy was a long play. I’m glad I trusted the referral to Digital Shift. Not only did I meet my goal of increasing incoming call volume, but have since exceeded my business’ projected growth. There’s no sense in waiting if you want to grow. You need to do this because, without an active online presence, you're not going to be ranking for anything other than your own name.
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