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Why Do I Need Cleaning Service SEO?

Have you ever tried Googling “cleaning service + your city” only to realize your site is nowhere to be found on the first page of search results? Or, it's there — but five or six of your competitors appear first in the list? That's a bad sign. The first five organic results get 70% of the clicks, and not even a full 1% will even go to the second page of Google. That means that if you're not ranking high up in search query results for your essential keywords, almost all of your potential clients are going to your competitors who have a more effective cleaning service SEO strategy.

The days when cleaning business owners could run a successful house cleaning service or commercial cleaning service with word of mouth alone are long gone. The new word of mouth is search engine optimization (SEO), and working with a professional cleaning service SEO company to get results is a must in today's competitive cleaning service landscape. It's a fact: a highly-rated commercial cleaning company appearing on Google Maps and in organic search results will receive higher click-through rates (CTR) and more leads.

How Cleaning Service SEO Can Help Your Business Grow

Starting an SEO campaign is a big decision, and you need to know that SEO for cleaning services is worth it. Here are three major advantages of Digital Shift's SEO strategy for commercial cleaning companies.

Local Results, Local Interested Clients

You may be wondering how cleaning service SEO can be effective for a local company. After all, the internet is global and you don't want global clients, you want potential customers in your local service area. While the internet is global, online searches are not. Google always tries to show a searcher local search results that are relevant to their area, but sometimes it needs a little help. Digital Shift's smart research identifies and targets your ideal customers, so you don't just get website traffic — you get the attention of local clients who need your service.

Leapfrog your Competition

If your competitors have a higher search engine ranking than you, they didn't get it by accident or coincidence. They are leveraging the help of an SEO company to gain an advantage over you. That's a big part of why cleaning service SEO is so important — you need leads to keep your phone ringing and the business rolling in, and the majority of leads go to the websites that rank highest on search engines. But, since Digital Shift specializes in SEO for home service companies, we know what your clients want and can outpace your competition by showing them that you're the best option to address their cleaning needs.

Raise Awareness

Finding clients who need cleaning services right now and are ready to purchase is obviously important, but it's also a good idea to raise awareness of your brand among people who don't need a cleaning service right now. Why? Because when the time comes that they do need residential or commercial cleaners, or someone they know asks for a recommendation, your business name should pop into their heads. Awareness campaigns are a long-term but valuable strategy to keep building your business year after year.

Digital Shift's Proven SEO Strategy for Cleaning Services

While SEO techniques can seem simple on the surface, it takes time and expertise to develop an effective digital marketing strategy and learn how to adapt it to various locations and industries. Digital Shift's processes have been honed over years of working closely with home services professionals like you.

Make It Easier for Clients to Find You

You probably already know the basics of organic ranking: when a prospective client in your area searches for a keyword that is relevant to the services you offer, you want your website to appear high up on the results page so they're more likely to click it. But you don't want just clicks, you want to reach your ideal customers, people who know they need cleaning services and are just trying to find the right service provider for the job they have in mind. Digital Shift's SEO specialists use in-depth keyword research to optimize your content marketing for high-value purchase intent keywords so you're matched with people who need exactly what you're offering and are ready to seal the deal.

Expand Your Reach

Do you ever wonder why you don't have more clients in your city's high-income neighborhoods, or why you never seem to get phone calls from people in smaller towns and communities close to your main city? It's because search engines aren't including your cleaning company website on results pages when people in those areas search for cleaning services. Digital Shift can correct that problem, along with additional location challenges, by creating content that indicates your cleaning website is a relevant and authoritative source of information about cleaning services in the areas you want to target most. We also use GPS technology that shows a "heat map" of your service area and indicates how you're ranking for various keywords in any given part of your region, so you can clearly see opportunities for improvement in your local business and watch your influence grow in those key areas over time.

Build Your Authority

Every time another website links to your site, it signals to Google that your website is a trusted, authoritative voice that should be recommended to searchers. That's why building backlinks is so important — but it has to be done in the right way. There are some sneaky ways to build questionable backlinks fast, but they really hurt your long-term success and can even get your website penalized by search engines. Digital Shift conducts white-hat SEO outreach to high-authority sites that are relevant to your content, forming a partnership that results in high-quality backlinks. These types of off-page SEO backlinks build your authority with Google, but they also direct natural traffic to your site by encouraging users on trusted sites to check out your content.

Take Advantage of Google

Since it launched in 2014, Google My Business (GMB) has evolved into a critical element in the business success of small independent businesses and major corporations alike. Digital Shift optimizes and manages your Google My Business listing to keep it working for you. We'll refresh your listing regularly with new, engaging content and special offers, and respond to all Google reviews to encourage further engagement from your cleaning clients. We'll thank positive reviews for their contribution and consult with you on the best way to address negative reviews so it creates a positive outcome for both you and the customer.

Why Choose Digital Shift for Cleaning Service SEO?

There are a lot of SEO services available to choose from, but Digital Shift is the right one for your company. Our exclusive cleaning service SEO strategy has been developed and fine-tuned over the years, and we're helping business owners like you get where they want to be.

Specializing in the Home Service Industry

Digital Shift doesn't just specialize in SEO, we specialize in SEO specifically for home services. That means we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the cleaning industry, and we know what your clients are looking for. We've successfully adapted our proven processes into a professional cleaning SEO strategy that can get the best results for your company.

We Don't Help Your Competitors

You wouldn't hire a lawyer who is representing the opposing side in your legal dispute, because they obviously don't have your best interests at heart. The same principle applies to SEO services. Anything a company does to increase your competitor's search rankings is going to negatively impact your business. At Digital Shift, we only work with one company in your industry and service area. We only want to work with you!  If your competitor tries to sign on for our services, we will turn them away so we can focus exclusively on your success.

Dedicated Account Manager

Some people dread having to call their SEO service provider for support, because they have to go through a gauntlet of various people who have never dealt with their account before and don't really know what's going on. That's never a problem at Digital Shift — you have a dedicated account manager running your account who is an SEO expert and has been with you since the beginning, so they can address your questions and concerns effectively and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Service SEO

Want to know more about Digital Shift's effective SEO for cleaning services, or have some questions about SEO in general? Give us a call to speak directly to a digital marketing expert about how we can help you, or check out our answers to some common questions about cleaning service SEO.

Can I Stop Cleaning Service SEO Once I Get a Good Ranking?

SEO is a long-term process that's never completely finished. No one knows exactly how often Google updates their search algorithm, but it's around 500 to 600 times per year. That means that SEO strategy needs to change constantly as well to stay on top of the curve. It's also not a static process — there's no point when you can just stop putting in effort and expect to maintain or increase your ranking. So to answer the question: yes, you can stop at any point (and Digital Shift only requires a month's notice to cancel your service) but you will not be able to maintain your ranking.

Is PPC Better for Cleaning Services Than SEO?

Both SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) ads can be an effective element of an online marketing strategy. Pay-per-click (PPC) are paid advertisements on search engine results pages, such as a Google ad, to drive more traffic to your website. PPC is a valuable marketing tool, but it doesn't replace SEO. You can spend quite a bit of money on paid advertisements, but the benefit disappears as soon as the ad stops running — and many search engine users will automatically bypass any paid advertisement and look for organic search results, so if you aren't ranking highly in an organic SEO search result, you're missing out on organic traffic and leads.

What Are the Best Keywords for Cleaning Service SEO?

We could give you a list of generic keyword phrases, but that doesn't really mean much. Cleaning services SEO requires a keyword strategy that is carefully researched and optimized to get you ranking for cleaning business keywords, but there's more to it than that. Instead of wasting time picking away at overly competitive keywords that don't really help you get local leads, we focus on targeted keywords that directly impact your specific business goals and grow your business over time.

Do Your Cleaning Service SEO Strategies Violate Google's Policies?

Absolutely not. Some dishonest SEO services use black hat SEO methods such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, and private link networks in violation of Google's rules and ethical guidelines because those tactics can get surprisingly good results — at first. The advantage quickly fizzles away, and can end up being extremely detrimental to your business success in the long run. Digital Shift only uses 100% white hat SEO and keeps up to date on Google's policies to make sure we're always in compliance.

Another Company Guaranteed They Could Get My Website to Rank #1 for Cleaning Services, Can You Do That?

No, we can't — and that other company is either lying to you or planning to use black hat SEO techniques that can get your website penalized or even suspended from search engines. You'll never find a legitimate, ethical SEO company who will guarantee that you'll rank at #1 on Google's search results, because there are so many influencing factors at play. Those factors include the competitiveness of the keywords you are trying to rank for, your competitors' digital footprints, and where you are currently ranking, among many others. That being said, we are completely confident that we can increase your rankings and help you bring in more leads and revenue.

Digital Shift Will Take Your Cleaning Service SEO to the Next Level!

Let Digital Shift implement a proven cleaning service SEO strategy that actually works. Our experts will optimize both your local SEO and your Maps listings to ensure the quickest return on your investment.

Contact us today for a free 30-minute strategy session to speak with an expert and receive your digital marketing success roadmap today.

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