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Is Your Online Marketing Plan Begging for an Update? Fetch Amazing Results From a Proven SEO Strategy!
  • Get qualified leads for new clients who need veterinary services right now
  • Experience sustainable business growth by increasing brand awareness among pet owners in your local area
  • Outrank your competitors on search engine results pages to keep the phone ringing and increase your revenue
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Be the Leader of the Pack With Veterinary Search Engine Optimization

You started a veterinary care career because you wanted to work with and help animals — not sit around staring at an empty client roster, waiting for the phone to ring. Are you interested in achieving business goals such as bringing in new clients, expanding your veterinary services, increasing revenue, and experiencing long-term, sustainable business growth? Professional veterinarian search engine optimization for your veterinary clinic website is the best way to accomplish all of that and much more.

Is Veterinarian SEO Really That Important?

In days gone by when a pet owner needed to find a veterinary service, they would simply ask their friends and neighbors for recommendations, and just like that, veterinary practices would get a qualified lead for a new client. But now, that potential client turns to Google instead — and if your website doesn't appear high up on their search engine results page (SERP), they won't even know you exist.

Have you ever tried searching relevant keywords such as "veterinarian + your city," and then had to scroll and scroll some more to find a link to your veterinary website? Or much worse, do you have to click over to the second page of results to find your site's URL? That's not good. The facts are that about 70% of clicks go to the first five organic links on a SERP, while fewer than 1% of searchers will click a link on the second results page.

If you've noticed that your competitors appear higher than you in relevant search rankings, that's not a coincidence. It's because they are leveraging search engine optimization to their advantage and reaping the rewards. They are busy booking appointments for new clients while you miss out on your share of qualified leads from search engines. The good news is that Digital Shift has an SEO plan that will help you rise to the top of search engine rankings, increase your organic traffic, and bring in more revenue.

What's Included in Digital Shift's SEO for Veterinarians Strategy?

A cookie-cutter approach to search engine optimization will never be as effective as a customized plan tailored to meet the SEO goals of your unique veterinary hospital or practice. That's why Digital Shift works with you to make sure we fully understand your marketing goals and adapt our proven strategy to address your specific needs.

Digital Shift's customized digital marketing strategy for veterinary SEO includes:

  • Intelligent keyword research to discover the high-value, purchase-intent keywords that are being used by prospective customers in your service area.
  • Original content creation for compelling, keyword-focused content such as blog posts, service pages, and location pages that build the trust of your web visitors and increase Google rankings.
  • On-page SEO to address technical aspects of your website such as title tags, meta description, image tags, internal links, and other elements that signal authoritativeness and relevancy to search engine indexing bots.
  • Link building outreach to create inbound links to your site from credible websites in the veterinary industry, indicating to search engines that real people find your website relevant and informative.
  • Social media marketing tactics that will boost your social media strategy to the next level and increase awareness of your brand among local people in your region.
  • Creating and submitting business listings for all major business directories in your industry to increase SEO rankings and organic traffic.

Local SEO = Local Clients

You may be wondering if search engine optimization can really do much for a small, local business — after all, you want attention from local residents who need your services, not just random clicks from people around the world. That's where a local SEO campaign really shines.

Google and other search engines always try to show search users the most relevant results for their geographical location, but sometimes they need a little help. By finding out the exact keyword phrases that are being used by your target audience in your service area and optimizing your site for location keywords, we can ensure that your site will rank highly in local search results, getting you qualified leads from local people who need veterinary services right now and are ready to make an appointment.

Why Partner With Digital Shift for Veterinary SEO?

Anyone can hide a pill in a slice of cheese and try to fool a dog into eating it, but advanced veterinary medicine requires a knowledgeable specialist. In the same sense, anyone can throw a couple keywords up on their website, but highly-effective veterinarian SEO services capable of producing real results require the help of an experienced SEO professional who knows their way around veterinary marketing.

Digital Shift is your marketing ally, and we have a solid digital marketing strategy that covers everything you need for effective vet SEO service. We are invested in the success of your business, because when you succeed, our SEO company does as well.

Advantages of Working With Digital Shift

  • Have full access to an SEO expert who is your dedicated account manager, along with other SEO specialists such as graphic designers, social media professionals, copywriters, and Google Maps specialists.
  • Our services are exclusive in your industry and service area — if your competitor tries to sign up with us, we'll turn them away and focus solely on your SEO success.
  • We offer 100% transparent reporting that is easy to understand and provides a road map to show us what's working well and help identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Digital Shift focuses on nurturing long-term relationships with satisfied customers, so we can help build on your success year after year.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO for Veterinarians

Want to know more about SEO for your veterinary business, or just have questions about search engine optimization in general and what an SEO agency can do for your unique vet clinic or animal hospital? No problem! Give us a call to speak directly with a digital marketing SEO expert and get all your questions answered quickly and easily, or check out our answers to common questions about search engine optimization for your veterinarian website.

How Will You Adapt Your SEO Strategy to Suit My Veterinary Practice?

We know your practice is unique, and you need a one-of-a-kind strategy that addresses your business needs. We'll take the time to understand your pain points and ultimate goals for your business, then thoroughly research your local service area and level of competition before we design a unique strategy that will bring potential clients to your door.

Do Veterinarians Need Google My Business?

Absolutely! Google My Business (GMB) is the world's largest business citation, making it an invaluable tool for any service-based business. You may already have a Google My Business listing, but you can't just "set it and forget it" — it needs to be fully optimized and constantly updated with fresh content, offers, and images to maximize its ability to bring you leads.

Don't have time to tinker with your GMB listing on a daily basis? Digital Shift offers done-for-you Google My Business management. We'll take care of optimizing and regular posting, as well as responding to queries and reviews to encourage further engagement. We thank positive reviews for their contribution, and if you get a negative review, we'll consult with you on the best way to turn it into a positive for both you and the client.

Can I Stop Vet SEO Once I Get Good Search Engine Rankings?

SEO is like rowing upstream — you need to keep paddling or you'll drift backwards. That's why search engine optimization tends to be a long-term game. You'll likely see noticeable results after about three to six months, but keep in mind that SEO results are cumulative, and your 12-month results will be a marked improvement over the six-month results. We'll keep working with you to increase your positive returns month over month and keep the revenue rolling in.

How Will We Know If My Veterinarian SEO Campaign is Successful?

The increase in phone calls and revenue are two of the biggest things we look for, because those are probably why you're investing in SEO in the first place. We also monitor metrics such as Google Analytics, external links, bounce rate, click-through rate, keyword rankings, conversion rate, online visibility, and more to ensure we're on the right track.

Ready to Give Your Digital Marketing Plan a Boost With Veterinary SEO?

Veterinary practices and animal hospitals that want to experience increased revenue and long-term business success need the help of a dedicated team of SEO professionals. You focus on pet care and veterinary medicine, and we'll take care of an optimized strategy that will improve your search rankings and get you noticed by potential customers. Book a free, no-obligation, 15-minute exploratory chat with a digital marketing expert to find out more about what we can do for you and your practice!

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I didn't know what to expect when I partnered with Digital Shift, but I wanted results and knew that an SEO strategy was a long play. I’m glad I trusted the referral to Digital Shift. Not only did I meet my goal of increasing incoming call volume, but have since exceeded my business’ projected growth. There’s no sense in waiting if you want to grow. You need to do this because, without an active online presence, you're not going to be ranking for anything other than your own name.
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