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Is Your Website Locked-Up?

Free your online presence with locksmith SEO! If you're not taking advantage of the available methods for directing more people to your website, you're leaving opportunities on the table. Your competitors will gladly scoop-up what you leave behind. If you want a schedule full of appointments with paying customers, then it's time to consider how to get more calls with search engine optimization.

You need more than just a single web page for people to find you online. A fully optimized locksmith website should have informative blog content for every important keyword, optimized on-site data, and the support of constructive off-page strategies. The most successful locksmiths don't just rely on their PPC campaign with Google Ads, but that doesn't mean they're spending their own time on keyword research.

Digital Shift is here to help turn the tumblers of locksmith sites, so they all line-up just right. Our professional SEO services help you open the door for more potential customers. We show you what you need to find that doorway and we provide all the requirements to open it, but the final decision is up to you. Will you walk through and claim the benefits waiting on the other side?

Do You Want the Benefits of SEO for Locksmiths?

People press enter on Google over three billion times per day. Around half of those searches are for local services. Are you taking the time to help customers find your business when they look for a local locksmith on Google? You should be.

If you're not listed in the top section of search engine results, you may as well be at the bottom. The deeper people have to look through search results for something, the less likely they are to find it. Few people even bother to look past the first page.

Search engine marketing is all about making sure your business is always easy to find. For most professionals, that starts with simple tasks — such as claiming business listings and registering their company on Google My Business. Many people immediately jump from those preliminary steps to PPC campaigns on Google Ads, but paid search engine marketing isn't always a golden goose.

You shouldn't have to pay for every potential client that clicks on a link for your locksmith company. They should be paying you for your expertise! Unfortunately, paying for leads is the reality of Google Ads and other PPC platforms. Fortunately, the SEO process exists to provide similar benefits with lower costs than PPC.

SEO Services for the Locksmith Industry

Most modern business owners know that social media is now essential for generating buzz that used to be spread by word-of-mouth. Even actively responding to reviews on Google My Business increases your visibility. That essential social media activity is an excellent starting point, but you need more if your goal is getting a better SERP position. For many business owners, the doors to SEO techniques are locked, but an SEO company has the key you need!

Locksmith SEO Service Includes:

Business Listing & Citation Management

Local business listings are an important ranking factor. Managing those external citations, claiming your mentions on business listing sites, and reviewing all listings is an important part of basic search engine optimization, and it's one of the most basic SEO services.

Google My Business & Social Media Management

Your GMB account is one of the first things that Google's algorithm considers when it's deciding whether or not to put you in the local pack for Google Maps. Active engagement is important too, on both GMB and other social media platforms. Most happy locksmiths don't have time for daily posting or other tedious social media tasks, but an SEO expert does!

On-Page Optimization

Are your meta tags properly formatted for Google? Do they include all relevant information? What about your image attributes, headings, and other text? Part of a thorough SEO strategy is ensuring meta tags and image tags on your website are properly formatted, and that your on-page text includes every necessary keyword.

Content Creation

When was the last time you posted on your local blog? Search engine algorithms favour websites that have fresh content frequently posted on their blog pages, and users enjoy it too! Believe it or not, having interesting, useful articles about locksmith service is important for improving your rank. If you're answering popular search queries with engaging blog posts or articles, those curious searchers in your target audience are more likely to become happy customers!

Off-Page SEO

Many of the most popular websites on the internet have hundreds of links, if not thousands, all sending people their way. That's why local citations on Angie's List and similar sites are so important. Backlinks are another important factor for increasing your domain authority, your visibility, and your number of appointments along with it! Off-page SEO services also include techniques to get you more of those quality backlinks.

Digital Shift's SEO for Locksmiths

You don't have to use a hook to get great local SEO from our team. Digital Shift's door is always open! We provide every essential locksmith SEO service. With our help you'll never have to spend time looking up search terms, soliciting a backlink, or writing an article about “what to expect from a mobile locksmith.”

We'll research all the important locksmith keywords in your service area, handle your social media presence with responses and posts, write great content for your website's visitors, and even help people find that content by getting you quality backlinks! Online locksmith marketing doesn't end with PPC or GMB. If you're missing out on any benefits of SEO for locksmiths, we'll fill in the gaps, so your business is never missing from relevant local internet searches.

Digital Shift's Benefits:

  • We only work with one locksmith in each service area
  • Our contracts are month-to-month
  • We provide regular, transparent updates, daily reports, & measurable results
  • Our SEO agency has been around since 2007
  • We specialize in local SEO for home service professionals like locksmiths
  • Our dedicated account managers are always available to answer all your questions

What Will You Get from Locksmith SEO?

  • Quality citations from online listings sites
  • Higher positions in search results pages
  • Better visibility on Google Maps
  • More leads, conversions, & appointments with local locksmith clients
  • More positive reviews from satisfied customers
  • Increased revenue & long-term financial growth

Why Choose Digital Shift?

We're experienced, skilled, local SEO experts that specialize in helping franchisees and family owned home services providers like locksmiths. Since 2007, we've been working with business owners just like you, and our digital marketing techniques have helped many businesses bolster their digital platform and reach more members of their local clientele. We know how costly paid lead generation is. Our services will increase your profits without increasing your costs per lead.

Every successful SEO campaign in our list of case studies started with a complimentary, risk-free assessment. We've helped home service businesses across North America grow their customer base and improve their sales by using SEO techniques to turn every new customer or potential customer into a paying customer — and we can help you too!

Are You Ready to Turn the Key?

You don't need to break through a lock for access to better search engine optimization. We're here to let you in! Whether you're an emergency locksmith, an automotive locksmith, or a 24-hour locksmith with solutions for every kind of locked door, our team of dedicated, knowledgeable experts is ready to help!

Call Digital Shift to speak with a local SEO expert, or request your free, no-obligation consultation by clicking here.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Why is SEO important for Locksmiths?

These days, most people search for locksmiths by using Google on their smartphones. That's how most people search for all local services. Any locksmith that expects to stay successful should have a mobile-friendly website with great optimization, so unfortunate residents can easily find that locksmith's services when they're standing outside their own front-door.

Can I Do It Myself?

Handling your own SEO is a tempting option for any business owner, but don't be fooled by beginner guides. Just like lock-picking, SEO requires a specific set of skills and tools. It also requires a significant amount of time, for everything from keyword research and content writing to participating in Google office hours events and reading through webmaster guidelines.

Question: Can you do it yourself?

Answer: Sure!

Question: Should you do it yourself?

Answer: How much free-time do you have?

Will it Work Fast?

For most people, SEO is a patience game, just like waiting for a professional to pick your lock. Double-check any offers that claim you'll immediately reach Google's first position. Even in smaller markets, search engine optimization needs at least three months to take effect. In most markets, it needs at least six months.

SEO or PPC: Which is Best?

The simple answer is that PPC is better for temporary sales boosts and promoting limited events, but services like Google Ads become costly over time. SEO is better for long-term goals because you don't pay per lead and you still continually increase lead generation over time.

Why Isn't My SEO Working?

Not all SEO techniques are made equal, and not all providers are either. There's a wide variety of companies offering services for search engine optimization. Additionally, simply writing one article or GMB post won't be enough to provide lasting effects.

SEO is a complicated, holistic process. If your current strategies aren't working — or your existing partner has failed to deliver results — it's time to start thinking about what you're missing. A complimentary assessment with Digital Shift is one option for reviewing your ongoing digital marketing and deciding what you still need for greater success.

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I didn't know what to expect when I partnered with Digital Shift, but I wanted results and knew that an SEO strategy was a long play. I’m glad I trusted the referral to Digital Shift. Not only did I meet my goal of increasing incoming call volume, but have since exceeded my business’ projected growth. There’s no sense in waiting if you want to grow. You need to do this because, without an active online presence, you're not going to be ranking for anything other than your own name.
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