Your Financial Website Should Work For You!

  • Reach more potential clients
  • Increase your conversion rate with superior leads
  • Improve your visibility on Google search results
  • Develop a marketing strategy for long-term growth
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SEO for Financial Service Businesses

Your Financial Website Should Work For You!

  • Reach more potential clients
  • Increase your conversion rate with superior leads
  • Improve your visibility on Google search results
  • Develop a marketing strategy for long-term growth

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Does Your Financial Service Business Need Better Search Engine Optimization?

Is your financial services company using search engine optimization to grow your brand and reach more customers? Finance companies that implement an SEO strategy have more influence, trust, and connections with their prospects. All of those benefits consolidate as higher conversion rates for financial service companies that use search engine optimization — but executing an SEO plan to get those results isn't easy.

SEO for financial services comes with a unique set of challenges. As organic digital marketing has proven to be just as effective as B2B and B2C lead generation, more businesses have turned to financial services SEO, which means it's more difficult to develop competitive search engine optimization strategies. Topic complexity is also a particularly large obstacle for SEO content creation in the financial services sector, and there are higher requirements for content coming from financial service providers. Because it's often considered YMYL content, financial website SEO is more scrutinized by Google's algorithm.

Every financial services business could benefit from a partnership that helps them overcome the specific challenges of digital marketing in the financial services industry. Digital Shift comes prepared with a strategy to overcome those specific challenges with tailored SEO services. Our team has the skill, expertise, and experience required to optimize financial websites and provide your team with all the benefits of amazing SEO for financial services.

How Does SEO Benefit Financial Service Companies?

Higher Visibility

Does your website appear when potential leads enter a search query into Google? If not, you're missing out on digital traffic that could be directed toward your digital doors. Increasing your visibility on search engine results pages means increasing your website's rank. With a higher ranking website, more organic traffic will flow toward your online funnel, which means more prospects will come out the other side.

Over six billion searches are entered into Google and other search engines every day. “Financial services“ is one of the topics that consistently garners a large fraction of those daily searches. Increasing visibility is important for directing that river of organic traffic toward your business. An SEO company will help with that.

More Authority

High ranking websites for financial services companies have a wealthy fund of high-quality content. That content helps improve a website's domain authority by generating backlinks and boosting engagement. High domain authority is an important part of financial services SEO, but it's also an influential relative of another important factor for financial services providers: trust.

Having a higher domain authority supported by excellent online content is a key strategy for improving trust and credibility. Consumer trust is a vital consideration for every financial firm. A surplus of informative, useful content that drives engagement will also improve credibility, as more potential clients start to see your business as a knowledgeable expert with a high-ranking website full of resources.

Better Prospect Connections

Search engine optimization doesn't just put you in front of more people; it puts you in front of more potential clients. SEO targets the section of organic search traffic that includes people who are already searching for financial services and helps them find your business. That natural lead generation is a natural part of every SEO process, and it happens without additional costs.

Of course, search engine optimization makes it easier for everyone to find your website, which means you'll also get more organic leads as people search for related topics online. Not only will you reach more interested searchers, but you'll also create more potential clients by building a direct path for prospects at every level of interest.

Other Benefits of Financial Service SEO Include:

  • Less reliance on PPC
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved engagement
  • Consistent, lasting digital & financial growth

How Does Financial Service SEO Work?

Identifying the Problem:

The first goal of all financial services SEO is evaluating your existing digital marketing strategy and weighing its results against those of your competitors to determine which strategies are working — and where additional SEO solutions might be necessary. An SEO agency might use a wide variety of analytical techniques and tools — from Google Analytics to specialized proprietary resources — to evaluate both your business and any competing businesses in your specific niche.

The ultimate purpose of this initial evaluation is to analyze your website's rankings, optimization, and visibility to create a plan for increasing your search engine ranking. It also helps digital marketers determine which specific techniques to use for improving your organic search engine traffic.

Creating a Solution with SEO Services:

Once your specific needs, goals, and expectations have been confirmed, digital marketing agencies begin the process of financial services SEO in earnest. Search engine optimization refers to a broad variety of services across three general categories: on-page, off-page, & technical SEO. Each service from each category creates an individual positive effect, but the benefits are most magnificent when they're combined.

Potential Services Include:

Google My Business Management

Engagement signals from Google My Business are one of the most important considerations for Google's ranking algorithm. Your GMB account is just as important for improving your online visibility as it is for protecting your brand and establishing trust. A poorly managed GMB profile could turn clients away. Not only will a well-managed business profile make your company more appealing to interested leads, but it will also make it much easier for new leads to find you online.'

Professional Google My Business management includes optimizing your NAP and other features, regularly responding to reviews, and regularly posting about upcoming events or individual services. It could also include monitoring competing financial service businesses for spam and violations, as well as reviewing other relevant citation signals to ensure your business is included in listings.

Social Media Marketing

Regular engagement and active social media posting is as important for larger financial services firms as it is for individual financial advisors. Social media has a direct connection to everything from gathering reviews and improving outreach to improving your website's E-A-T. Professional social media profiles — both for your business and for your individual experts — drive engagement signals and build consumer trust. A search engine optimization team could help you improve those social signals.

Keyword Research & Tracking

All the pages on your website should be tailored to specific keywords. They could be single words or longer phrases — which are called “long-tail keywords.” Keyword research and tracking is the process of evaluating both the written content on existing pages and the search behavior of your target demographic to find specific terms people use to search for financial services — and determine which terms you should prioritize for your website.

Written Content Creation

Content marketing is an important aspect of SEO for financial services, and it's one of the tasks that many business owners struggle to complete. Creating blog content, service pages, and other written content is essential for attracting more web traffic and directing leads through your sales funnel. Properly optimized writing is the backbone of both content marketing and related strategies like link building.

SEO companies like Digital Shift have a team of content writers dedicated to creating well-researched, informative, interesting content that appeals to everyone in your target audience and builds on your keyword strategies by including relevant search terms.

On-Site Optimization

Your website's technical data forms the framework for search engine optimization. A strong frame should have optimized content, image tags, titles, text, and meta descriptions. Ensuring all those minor details are properly written and formatted is the most basic step for on-site optimization, and it's essential for improving your search engine rankings.

Websites with poor on-site construction aren't just difficult for Google's search crawlers to read; they're also difficult for your potential clients to use. With Google's User Experience updates, there's now even more importance for optimizing small details like titles and meta tags. With help from an SEO specialist, you'll never have to worry about on-page factors and structural issues on your website.

Link Building

Financial service businesses with top-ranking spots on Google often have hundreds of links from other websites that direct online users toward their web pages. Those backlinks are an important factor for off-page SEO and it's possible to collect them with a specialized link building plan. SEO companies provide a variety of strategies and solutions for link building. An ethical approach that generates quality backlinks will help you rise higher on search engine results.

Why Choose Digital Shift?

Digital Shift Has a Solution Just for You:

There are a wide range of services and businesses in the financial industry. Every partnership with Digital Shift starts with a free consultation for your current digital marketing and a discussion about your unique needs. Then we create a digital marketing plan specifically for your business.

Our SEO services and solutions are created to overcome the challenges identified during that initial consultation, and we'll even work with your existing marketing team, so your online image is always consistent with other current campaigns.

Digital Shift Knows Financial Service SEO:

Searches for financial services are some of the biggest slices of internet traffic, and it's absolutely vital that competitive businesses utilize strategies to take advantage of that traffic if they plan on staying competitive. Digital Shift's SEO experts know the challenges associated with digital financial service marketing, and we have a solution for each potential problem.

With so many new and growing financial businesses, it's more important than ever to represent yourself with an optimized website. That improved digital optimization will also help you compete with the many other FSI businesses that are all turning to digital marketing for lead generation.

Our content team includes thorough, proficient researchers with experience writing about complex subjects. Not only will we help you beat the challenges of Google's high requirements for YMYL content, but we'll also help you build that foundation of consumer trust that's so crucial for financial companies — with content that's both optimized and informative.

Digital Shift has Years of Experience:

We've been providing search engine optimization services since 2007. Many SEO companies come and go, but Digital Shift has helped our partners work through every major Google update and every algorithm change since we began. We're always ready to adapt and change our strategies for the changing digital landscape. Our expertise helps us maintain lasting connections with the businesses we've helped, and we're always ready to lift other financial businesses with digital marketing plans for long-term, sustainable growth.

Why Clients Choose Digital Shift

Our Success Stories:

Over our years of providing professional search engine optimization solutions, we've helped many business owners from both the financial services industry and many other industries succeed and grow online. That online growth inevitably leads to financial growth as more website visitors become loyal customers. We're always adding amazing stories to our previous case studies, and we're ready to provide those same results for each business that chooses to work with us.

The Benefits of Working with Digital Shift:

  • Low-risk, monthly contracts
  • You'll be our only client in your service area
  • Clear objectives, planning, & deliverables
  • Regular, transparent reporting
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Access to a full SEO team
  • No outsourced work
  • Safe, ethical techniques
  • Measurable results

Are You Ready for Improved SEO?

If you haven't implemented search engine optimization methods to grow your financial service company, now is the time to start. If your current SEO plan is failing to deliver the results you expect, now is the time to reevaluate your existing strategies.

For a free no-obligation consultation with an experienced SEO team, call Digital Shift today — or click here.

FAQs about SEO for Financial Services

“Do I really need more than PPC?”

PPC campaigns with Google Ads and other paid advertisement services are great for short-term boosts, but they're not as effective for long-term development. SEO provides improvements that lead to lasting growth without costs that increase per click. In some cases, it's even possible to rank naturally for terms that have high PPC costs, which means that you'll reach the same audience without paying for each conversion.

“Do Financial service businesses really need backlinking?”

Not only will backlinks bring more people to your website from other places on the internet, but they'll also increase your active engagement and domain authority, all of which lead to a higher position on Google's search results — and a more trustworthy impression for your potential customer base. Without a base of backlinks, you could be missing benefits that your competitors enjoy.

“What is SEO content?”

Written content like blog posts, articles, and even service pages could all be considered SEO content, as long as they've been optimized to include specific search terms based on the results of keyword research. Content created to match the search intent of Google users helps attract more people to your website, and it also helps generate relevant links from other websites.

“How does content marketing improve SEO?”

SEO content creates more traffic by matching user intent. By creating content that matches the specific keywords and phrases people use to look for financial services online, content writers create more opportunities for your website to appear in search results for those phrases, which improves both the optimization of a single page and that of your entire website. Content marketing that includes link-building campaigns builds on that useful content by helping direct more people toward those existing resources.

“What are E-A-T & YMYL — & why are they important?”

E-A-T stands for expert, authoritative, and trustworthy. Each element is a simple standard for what Google's algorithm considers high-quality content. There's no exact definition for E-A-T requirements, but they generally reflect Google's webmaster guidelines for written content.

YMYL stands for “your money or your life” and it refers to content that could affect an individual's life in a significant way. That includes creating an impact on their health, safety, and financial stability. YMYL content has stricter requirements for ranking, and only the absolute best content reaches higher positions on Google search results.

E-A-T is an important consideration for all content marketing. YMYL is especially important for financial companies because the content they produce could have a major impact on the financial stability of people in their target audience.

“Does Financial Service SEO Work Immediately?”

SEO is a long-term strategy for growth, which means that it takes time to work well. In less competitive markets, it may be possible to see significant results after just four months, but many SEO plans take at least six to nine months for expected results. Google's exact ranking algorithm is a closely guarded secret and indexing takes time. Beware of any SEO team that guarantees you'll reach a top spot quickly.

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