Step-By-Step Instructions to Add a Business to!

Step 1: Go to


Select the "Add A Business" option in the top right corner of the homepage. This will take you to a new screen.

Step 2: Select Listing Package

How To Add A Business To n49-2


Select the package which best fits the needs of your business. Review the package options by scrolling down the page.

How To Add A Business To n49-3


The remainder of this guide will follow adding your business with a Free listing. To do so, select the red "ADD YOUR BUSINESS" button.


Step 3: Create a n49 Account

How To Add your Business To n49-4

Before you can create a business profile, you will need to create a general account. Input your email, a password, and a username. The system will automatically check if the username and email are new to the system, and that the password meets their credentials. Once you see the three green check marks on the right side of the page (as pictured above), you can select the "CREATE MY ACCOUNT" button. If you already have an account, you can login, and skip to step 6.

Step 4: Activation Notification

How To Add your Business To n49-5

You will see a message prompting you to check your mailbox for a verification email. You will need to follow the link in this email before you can add a business to n49.

Step 5: Email Activation

How To Add your Business To n49-6

You will see a similar email in your mailbox. Click the red "Confirm Email" button to continue the process to add a business to n49.

Step 6: View My Businesses

How To Add A Business To n49-7

After you select the "Confirm Email" button, you will be directed to the page pictured above. Select the "MY BUSINESSES" option from the list on the left.

Step 7: Add A Business to n49

How To Add A Business To n49-8

In the middle of the screen you will see the option to "Click here to add a business". Select this option.

Step 8: Select Listing Package

How To Add A Business To n49-10

You will again need to select your listing package. As mentioned before, we selected the free option. You can do this by selecting the "ADD YOUR BUSINESS" button.

Step 9: Check Business Name

How To Add A Business To n49-10

Input the name and location of your business, and select the "CHECK >" button.

How To Add A Business To n49-11

If your business is not yet in the directory, you will have the option to "ADD THE BUSINESS >".

Step 10: Input Business Details

How To Add your Business To n49-12

To add a business to n49, you will need to input the Street Address, Postal Code, Province, City, and Phone number of your business. It is optional to include the Suite #, Neighbourhood, Company Email, Toll Free Phone Number, Fax, and Company Website.

How To Add your Business To n49-13

You can include a short description about your business. We recommend using words that represent your business category, or products and services.

How To Add a Business To n49-14

You will need to input information for a contact person, and select whether or not you are the owner or representative of the business. Once you have completed all the relevant fields on the page, select the "CONTINUE >" button.

Step 11: Categorize Your Business

How To Add a Business To n49-15

To finish adding your business to n49, you will need to select a Main Category, Subcategory, and Business Type from the pre-generated lists. Categorizing your business will allow clients to search for your business appropriately. When you have selected the categories that best describes your business, select the "FINISH >" button.

Step 12: Confirmation

How To Add a Business To n49-16

If you see the above page, your listing has been added to n49! You can select a variety of options, including "add videos to your VIDEO GALLERY", "add images to your PHOTO GALLERY", or "just PREVIEW already".

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