Step-by-step Instructions to Add Your Business To!

If you want to know how to add a business to Yelp then you are in the right place! and are popular online business directories that are used by many local searchers. After you add your business to, users will be able to create and search for reviews of you business, including a 5-star rating system. In addition, features a 'Popular Events' section where users can see upcoming local events. This blog post will show you how to add your business to

Step 1: Go to

Add Business to Yelp

At the top of the Homepage, you will see a link to 'Create your Free Account'. This is the link to create a user account (with the capability of reviewing local businesses), but NOT to create a business account. For this link, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the homepage.

How to add your business Yelp.ca2

Under the heading 'Yelp for Business Owners', you will see the link to 'Claim your Business Page'. Select the 'Claim your Business Page' link to begin to add your business to You will be directed to a new webpage.

Note: The reason you are 'claiming' your page, as opposed to 'creating' your page, is that there may already be a directory started for your business. Because this is a review based directory, some reviews of your business may already exist. In this case, some of the information about your business will already have been input, awaiting verification from a Business Owner/Employee.

Step 2: Claim your Business Page

How to add your business to Yelp.ca3

Input your Business Name and the location of your business and select 'get started' to see if a listing for your business has already been added.

How to add your business to Yelp.ca4

If your business listing has not been found in the directory, scroll to the bottom of the list to select 'Add your business to Yelp' and follow the next step.

Step 3: Add Business to Yelp

How to add your business to Yelp.ca5

Input your Business Name, Address, Phone Number, and Web Address in the corresponding fields.

How to add your business to Yelp.ca5

To input your Hours, select the correct date, open time and close time, and select 'Add Hours'. If you make a mistake, select 'Remove' beside the incorrect listing, and re-enter the correct information.
How to add your business to Yelp.ca6

To categorize your business, start typing in the field below the 'Categories' heading.

How to add your business to Yelp.ca7

Once you begin typing into the field,

How to add your business to Yelp.ca8

To add multiple categories, select the option 'Add another category' below the category list. To remove a category, select the 'Remove' option beside the incorrect item. Having more categories will make it easier for potential customers to find your business. Be as accurate and specific as possible.

How to add your business to Yelp.ca9

Once you have input the correct Hours and Categories for your business, input your Email Address. This will be used to send a verification email, so ensure you are using an active Email. Select 'Add Business' and  you will be directed to a new webpage.

Step 4: Verification

How to add your business to Yelp.ca10

Your listing will now be reviewed by A verification email will be sent to the email your provided at the bottom of the previous page. Verification can take a few minutes.

Step 5: Email Confirmation

You will receive an email from, confirming that you have added your Business to

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