Local SEO Case Study

HGB Construction

Local SEO Case Study Client: HGB Construction

This Local SEO case study highlights how Digital Shift helped a local busines grow from one to four employees in less than one year by having a number one position in Google search results. Continue reading to learn how we can help!

Customer Highlight

HGB Construction provides reliable property and maintenance services as well as clear communication with clients in Edmonton and the surrounding area. More specifically, HGB offers handyman services, carpentry, drain cleaning, drywall installation, interior and exterior painting, plumbing and electrical repair, tile installation, door installation as well as vinyl siding repair. At HGB Construction and Maintenance, the priority is to provide clients with excellent finished products, as well as the best possible troubleshooting support before, during, and after completion of the project.

Local Competition

local seo case study

In the local SEO case study, HGB’s primary industry is the home improvement and handyman service industry. This is an extremely competitive industry in Edmonton and the surrounding area since there are few barriers to entry. HGB construction also faces more competition because they work outside the Edmonton area. More specifically, HGB is willing to travel as far south as Ponoka or as North as Westlock. Targeting such a large geographic location means there will be significantly more competition.

Client Opportunities

  • Business To Display in Google Maps (Google Local Search)
  • Website Design and Mobile Compatibility
  • Need for New Content Creation

Our Approach

Website Creationlocal seo case study

When HGB construction approached Digital Shift they did not have much of an online presence, if any at all. For a startup company doing a good job of staying afloat in such a competitive industry, a website was an invaluable asset. Digital Shift worked with HGB Construction’s owner and designed a fantastic website that was easily navigable, engaging, and contained many rich images. The entire website was also properly optimized so that it would index and rank higher in search engine results pages (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc).

Mobile Optimization

After HGB construction’s web page was created, it was further optimized to make it mobile friendly. Since more than half of the world’s users now conduct information searches on their mobile as opposed to their desktop it was vital that HGB’s website could be viewed from anywhere at any time. Digital Shift also ensured that call-to-action buttons on the mobile version were revised so they’d be easier to click. This made the mobile site easier to navigate and less frustrating for potential customers.

Keyword Researchlocal seo case studies

Digital Shift performed keyword research analysis to examine local search frequency and competitiveness in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. The resulting information was carefully analyzed and used to determine keywords that would help drive the most traffic to HGB Construction’s website. After the keywords were reviewed and selected, they were then matched with relevant pictures and the content was optimized.

SEO Citation Building

Although HGB has used online listings in the past, Digital Shift’s Local SEO audit revealed that there was room for improvement. Top local directories were selected and HGB Construction’s information was submitted. By expanding their local directory listings, HGB could reach new target audiences they had not reached before.

Content Creationlocal seo case studies

HGB Construction offers a wide variety of services, so it was very important that the website thoroughly explained each and every process. We created separate pages for each service, outlining and providing greater detail about each respective offering. We did this for all nine of HGB’s services and each page was then double checked to ensure proper web optimization.

Schema Mark Up

Digital Shift added important business information (name, hours, contact info) to help search engines better understand the website. What this means is that we created and submitted a sitemap to search engines to they could better navigate each page, as well as understand the page’s structure and importance of the items within it.

A Local SEO strategy was decided for HGB Construction Because:

  • HGB relies on phone calls and word of mouth to generate new leads and clientsresponsive-design
  • Web site creation and content allow HGB to rank higher in search results and generate more traffic
  • Mobile optimization of the website allows customers to access information on the go
  • The new website provides educational information for customers conducting their information search


  • New Website Design for Usability
  • Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Keyword Analysis and On-page Website Optimization

Search Engine Ranking Results And Web Page Creation

Digital Shift delivered results that exceeded expectations!

HGB Construction and Maintenance Website Home Page

organic seo case study

Above is a picture from HGB Construction’s website home page. As you can see from the image, the website is clear, concise, and easy to digest. There are clear call-to-action buttons as well as optimized images, and a brief breakdown of each service offered. Before HGB consulted with Digital Shift, they could barely find enough work to keep two men busy. But ever since the new website was implemented, new business began flooding in! In fact, HGB Construction has doubled their staff and instead of barely breaking even, they are earning a stronger return on investments. This really shows the power of a business’ online self-presentation. Often it’s the first point of contact with customers, so it better be a good experience in order to retain them. In the case of HGB, the business’ initial problems relating to online volume and minimal response were not only resolved but completely turned around to bring in new income.

Number One Ranking For “Construction and Maintenance”

local seo case study

Number One Ranking For “Handyman Services”

local seo case study

Number One Ranking For “Handyman”

local seo case study

In this local SEO case study, HGB Construction is ranking much higher in search engine results pages for multiple search terms. In particular, “handyman,” “handyman services,” and “construction and maintenance” are all now ranking number one. This is a fantastic catalyst for web traffic and will definitely help generate more leads. Working with Digital Shift has also helped HGB Construction rank higher organically in search engines and is providing HGB a competitive advantage over its smaller competitors in the local Edmonton area.

Importance of SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and Local SEO

As this Local SEO case study has demonstrated, it is vital that your company have an online presence, and that its content is fully optimized. If all your content is search engine optimized, your site will be more likely to rank in search engine results pages. What does this mean for you? It will redirect more traffic – every potential customer that clicks on your link is a chance to bring in new business. Although optimized content is normally important for SEO strategies, it is absolutely crucial for local SEO. When you are in such a competitive industry in a contained geographic location it is imperative that your content be optimized. Let’s be honest – how often do you click through to the third page of your Google search results? Chances are if you are not in the top five results on the first page, you won’t even get a click! If businesses wish to be competitive in today’s industry they must employ some sort of Local SEO strategy. In this Local SEO case study, HGB Construction implemented their SEO plan, paired it with a new website, and because of this their company is beginning to blossom and prosper.

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