Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs

Increase in Phone Calls
Increase in Website Visits
Increase in Visibility

The Client

Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs
Industry: Electrician
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs is a professional electrical company servicing Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the surrounding areas. The company handles both residential and commercial electrical services, including but not limited to, lighting maintenance and installation, circuit installation and upgrades, and electrical safety inspection services.

The Challenge

Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs’ goal was to increase bookings while lowering its customer acquisition costs. The company wanted to improve their lead conversion by increasing its online visibility and number of phone calls. Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs sought to increase organic leads, rather than investing in costly paid advertising—such as pay-per-click advertising. Importantly, the company needed a better way to measure results, so they could actually see the difference an SEO strategy could make to their business’ success. 

Fundamentally, Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs’ was not taking advantage of the organic digital marketing tools available to the company—such as Google Business Profile. By not maximizing GBP, the company was losing out on the opportunity to rank locally and gain customers in their service area.

The Solution

By partnering with Digital Shift, Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs was able to exponentially grow their online presence within 90 days. This includes a significant increase in website clicks and the number of phone calls the company received. In turn, Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs was able to maximize its online reach and convert more leads into paying customers. Subsequently, boosting their bottom line. 

Digital Shift employed our tried-and-true methods to enable Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs to achieve such significant results in only three months. This includes utilizing the following tactics:

Local Search Engine Optimization 

In today’s competitive online market, it’s not enough to have an SEO strategy that relies on general keywords. Rather, a thoroughly researched campaign using localized keywords is needed for home service companies to stand out above the competition and reach customers specifically within a particular geographic area. This is what we did for Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs. 

By optimizing content and Google Business Profile posts to target the company’s unique service areas, we were able to get their website in front of customers in their area. This is essential for reaching one’s target market and building long-term relationships with clients. 

Google Business Profile Management

One of the most under-utilized tools online is Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business. Our team completely managed Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs’ Google Business Profile to ensure they were getting the most out of this unique—and free—tool. By optimizing their GBP listing, we were able to save the company money through avoiding the use of costly paid ads and maximizing the tools Google already has available to help businesses succeed. There are two primary areas that we assisted with:

GBP Posts

Google Business Profile posts are essential for connecting with customers and maximizing SEO. Essentially, Google favors listings that use all the features available to them through the platform. Not only do GBP posts act similarly to social media posts by engaging with customers, sharing key brand information and raising awareness regarding sales and promotions, but they also boost local rankings through strategic SEO implementation. 

Brand Reputation Management

Aside from searching for “electricians near me” and hiring the top-ranking results, one of the most common reasons consumers use Google Business Profile is to look at and leave reviews. Thus, brand reputation management is an essential aspect of managing a GBP listing. At Digital Shift, we carefully monitor reviews and promptly reply to all customers. From thanking customers for their 5-star ratings to professionally addressing negative comments, we worked hard to ensure clients felt that their experience with Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs was positive from start to finish.

Content Writing

Along with diligent Google Business Profile management and strategic local SEO implementation, our team of content writers also employed their unique skills to optimize a number of Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs’ service pages. Through crafting persuasive and informative content that utilized local SEO, our team was able to boost Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs’ online rankings and convert more warm leads into paying customers.

The Result

mr electric seo improvements 101

Not only did Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs see a 315% increase in phone calls, a 141% incase in website visits and a 156% increase in visibility (the number of times the listing was visible on Google Search and Maps), but the company’s online rankings also improved significantly via integrating carefully researched and relevant keywords.

As you can see in the following ranking reports, Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs quickly became one of the top ranking—if not the top ranking—electrical service providers in Colorado Springs. 

mr electric seo rankings 101

And, their growth isn’t finished. While the Digital Shift team has worked hard to improve the company’s rankings within the Colorado Springs area, our unique approach to local SEO means that we can also target the surrounding services areas. This will help Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs gain a foothold in areas they previously have not ranked highly in. 

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