What is Navboost? Navboost provides search signals that rely heavily on user clicks. Google's Navboost algorithm is an advanced search ranking algorithm that aims to enhance the user experience by improving the quality of search results related to navigation queries. It focuses on understanding the intent behind these queries and providing highly relevant and accurate […]

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What is DeepRank? DeepRank is a deep learning algorithm that is used to rank search results based on relevance. It was developed by Baidu, a Chinese search engine, and is now widely used in various industries. DeepRank uses neural networks to analyze and understand the content of web pages, allowing it to provide more accurate […]

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What is RankBrain? Definition of RankBrain RankBrain is an artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning system that Google uses to help process search queries and improve search results. RankBrank is one of Google's deep learning models, in addition to DeepRank and RankEmbed BERT. It was introduced in 2015 as part of Google's algorithm updates and has […]

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What is Google's SpamBrain System? SpamBrain is an AI System developed internally by Google to combat spam on various platforms. The system was designed to combat content that was created specifically to manipulate pages for the purposes of ranking. When was SpamBrain Created? SpamBrain was launched in 2018 and has continuously evolved over the years […]

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