Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Attract New Clients

Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Attract New Clients

Effective chiropractic marketing ideas can help attract new patients and expand existing networks. By trusting and implementing proven marketing strategies you can take the first step towards competing with next generation chiropractor and medical professionals. In order to take your practice to the next level, you have to invest in modern technology and fully utilize the internet and its strengths. If you can implement successful, easy marketing ideas, you will no longer have empty waiting rooms. When brainstorming creative marketing ideas for chiropractors you have to think both internally and externally.

Internal Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

Businesses looking for marketing assistance are always quick to overlook internal marketing and promotional ideas. The starting point for any marketing program should be internal. If the root of the problem is internal, any effort to improve external marketing will be for nothing. Internal marketing is the foundation for any successful marketing program. Even if you manage to execute a successful external marketing campaign such as PPC advertising on the display network, your customers probably won't return if your internal practices and foundation aren't properly laid. Below are a few internal marketing ideas for chiropractors.

Patient Appreciation Days (office giveaways)

First and foremost, your patients must feel appreciated. Patient Appreciation Days should be simple and open to friends and family. You can do a giveaway or some sort of special promotion. These events should be one day per month and do not have the be overly complicated. Simple, cheap marketing materials such as balloons, a banner, and some cake can go a long way. If they are done consistently, it shows your patients that you care about their well-being and appreciate their business. Additionally, the Patient Appreciation Days can lead to more clients via referral and help expand your social network.

Office AppearanceChiropractic Marketing Ideas

One area that most business professionals overlook, is their overall workspace. Chiropractic marketing strategies must make new patients feel comfortable and secure in your office. If it is warm and inviting they are more likely to return as well as recommend your services to friends and family. The office should be neat and tidy and provide customers something to occupy their time. This could be anything including magazines, plants, aquariums, televisions, the bible, snacks or coffee, or even puzzles. You can also have different marketing products around the office such as educational posters or brochures. Anything that keeps the customer occupied during their wait is valuable. The bathrooms should also be kept exceptionally clean. You want your customers to feel like they are at home anytime they have to visit your office.

Personal touch

If you can make each customer feel special and unique they are more than likely to return. This starts with the chiropractor and his administrative staff. It's the little things that matter here. Something as simple as remembering a customer's name and face can go miles. If you have a hard time with faces you could take headshots of new clients and attach them to their profile. That way you and your administrative assistants can review the appointments for the afternoon and be more likely to remember someone's name and face. Another idea could be sending personal notes or voice messages. You can call your patients to check up on them. Customers appreciate any initiative by their service providers, and using a personalized method of communication will only impress them even more.

Email Newsletters

marketing tools and techniquesAnother example of chiropractic promotional ideas any business can utilize is newsletters. Newsletters can be an extremely useful tool when executed correctly. The content in the newsletter has to be fresh, relevant, and easy to absorb. Customers know if you are reusing the same information, in the same template, week by week. One creative answer is to change the actual format of the entire letter. Since it is being sent over the internet you have the ability to record your voice or even make a small video! These unique letters are sure to grab patients attention. Utilizing different methods of communication and personally reaching out to your patients can make the world of difference in terms of word of mouth recommendation. In today's society, there are so many cost effective ways to reach patients and consumers that you are really missing out if you are relying solely on a printed text newsletter.

External Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

Your business won't last long in the chiropractic industry if you are relying exclusively on word of mouth to generate new patients and leads. The vast majority of customers and patients come from external marketing. External marketing techniques for chiropractors can really provide a competitive advantage. Below are a few chiropractic marketing ideas you can use for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO); On-Site & Off-Site

Chiropractic Marketing IdeasOn-Site- On-site search engine optimization refers to all the technical aspects of your web design and maintenance. Search engines place a lot of emphasis on user experience when ranking a website. They want to promote the best sites that are easy to navigate, contain relevant information and are quick to load.

Off-Site- Off-site search engine optimization refers to the practices used to obtain inbound links to your website from other high ranking websites. In order to achieve a higher ranking, chiropractic websites can implement a few strategies. The first is to write a blog. If you are writing new refreshing content, other websites are more likely to reference your page. The idea is to create a buzz about your business in the correct manner. However, you blog must be well maintained and relevant or your could actually be punished. If you write irrelevant content you will actually get links from completely random websites across the internet. These wrong links can actually hurt your website equally as much as the right ones can help it.

PPC Marketing (AdWords and analytics) Display Campaign on Apps for the score etc. Mobile Marketing

More recently, there has been a push towards web marketing ideas that utilize mobile. Since more than 50% of web visitors now access pages via their mobile device as opposed to a desktop computer, websites must be optimized and structured accordingly. This also affects how the mobile strategies should be run and more specifically, the types of ads business owners and chiropractors should be focusing on. When brainstorming chiropractic marketing strategies, business professionals should consider the benefits of running some paid advertisement campaigns and analytics.

PPC campaigns such as Google AdWords can be a very effective form of business marketing for chiropractors and other professionals. It can be a quick and relatively easy way to get your brand in front of interested customers so long as you hire a professional to ensure the ads are being set up correctly. You want to make sure you are bidding on the keywords that provide you with the greatest value. As with any medical service, there will be a higher degree of volatility and competitiveness meaning the average cost per click will be higher. This is why it is absolutely crucial you conduct proper research and select the right keywords with higher search frequency but lower competitiveness.


These are just a few chiropractic marketing ideas to attract new clients. If you want more marketing ideas for chiropractors then call Digital Shift today to set up your free, no obligation, consultation to find out how we can get you more clients and traffic for your business!

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