Benefits of Content Marketing

What Are The Benefits of Content Marketing?

Many people think that content marketing is an easy game to win at. They think it does not take much effort or dedication. The truth is, they are wrong. If you truly want to be successful with content marketing then you must invest in it for the long haul. It will take a few months before you even begin to notice any changes or impacts from your content creation. It is extremely important that you do not stop creating new content. You can not rely on old content to attract new customers. If you are constantly posting new, engaging, trendy, relevant content you will continue to attract new customers and traffic. Refreshing content will always create positive benefits for your company.

Tailor your content to each platform

content marketingOne positive about content marketing is the ability to tailor your content depending on which platform you use. For example, you take a picture, write a caption, and want to post it online. Varying social media platforms all have different restrictions about length and space. What works on Facebook won't fit on Twitter, or possibly Instagram. Therefore, you must be able to adapt your message and content to each unique platform. You should always try and tailor your content for each platform because it will give you a better opportunity for conversion. If Facebook is willing to give you more space for a description then take it and fully explain the benefits of your product or service.

Higher Visibility in Search Enginescontent marketing

Every time you upload new content you provide search engines like Google, the opportunity to index your page. Therefore, the more content, posts, and pages you create, give you more opportunity to rank in search queries. While it is important to consistently create new content, it is also very important to ensure the quality and relevance of that content is strong. The first step is appearing in SERP's (search engine results page), while the second step is making sure the visitors click through to your website and don't bounce immediately after. Higher quality and relevance will help you achieve this.

More referral and social traffic

content marketingWhen you consistently contribute to external publications, you create an opportunity to link back to your website. If you can create multiple back links from reputable, relevant websites with high traffic volume, a single visitor could lead to thousands of new visitors. It's also important to post your content on social media for increased exposure. The more content you post, the more opportunity you have to increase your number of followers. If you can increase the number of followers you and traffic, then your chances for conversion increase significantly. Lastly, it is important to remember to structure your content carefully. If your content looks like another advertisement customers are less likely to convert. However, if it's engaging and relevant, they're more likely to click through and become a customer.

Higher Domain Authority

When you have a tangible content marketing plan and are constantly writing new and relevant content Google notices. Writing higher quality content will increase your perceived experience and build trust and credibility of your website. Any time you write new and engaging content you are more likely to generate inbound links from other external sources. This also helps increase your domain authority and credibility. Anytime a website has high domain authority it is automatically more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages. Therefore, the more quality content you create, the better your chances are at ranking and increasing your organic search visibility.

Increased Conversion Potentialcontent Marketing

The primary objective of all content marketing blogs is to engage and educate your visitors. If you provide them with interesting, fresh, relevant information they are more likely to spend extra time on your website which means you have more time to present them with an offer. One example could be writing 10 content marketing tips for beginners. Furthermore, if they find your content or blog interesting or enlightening they will think higher of your brand, company, and website. This trust is crucial for conversion. If a customer doesn't trust a website or source they are not going to return, subscribe or enter any personal credit card information. Additionally, if you provide interesting information visitors might share your content on social media or other sources, which in turn, further increases your credibility and awareness. All of these benefits combined lead to more security for visitors and make them more likely to convert when you present them with your offer.

Content Marketing Drives Repeat Visits and Business

If you are providing customers with useful content marketing solutions they are more likely to return to your website or blog. The more times they return to your website the more times they are exposed to your brand. Therefore, these return customers become more likely to convert if you present them with an offer. They are also more likely to become positive brand advocates if you can consistently provide them with helpful information. Although word of mouth should not be counted on for lead generation it will never hurt your business to have a positive reputation or positive testimonials from previous visitors.

content MarketingIncreased Brand Awareness

Since any content you produce is a shareable commodity, each and every article has the potential to reach hundreds of people with one click. If someone enjoys your post and they share it on Facebook you have just received an additional 350 impressions on average! That isn't even including other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit. If you think about that logically, you can get up to 1000 impressions per person if they share on four different social media platforms. Furthermore, if they are sharing your content it makes you more reputable and helps build your brand image. The point is simple if you provide your visitors with relevant content your audience will appreciate it and share the information.

Content Marketing Helps Guard Against Down Times and Sporadic Businesscontent marketing

In any industry, there are busy times and not so busy times. What separates successful companies from failures is their ability to generate leads year round. One of the main benefits of actively updating your content or blog is that people will return to your website on a regular basis. The problem with relying on word of mouth for lead generation is that it is very sporadic. One month you might get 20 referrals and you'll be too busy to service everyone. The next month you may only have one or two referrals. However, if you are regularly updating your blog and creating new and engaging content customers will see the value in revisiting your website biweekly, weekly, or even daily.

The great thing about content marketing is that anyone can start at any time. All you have to do is sit down, find a topic that interests you and start writing. Any smart business that wants to either get ahead of at least stay competitive in today's world should have some sort of content marketing plan. Even if you find you don't have the time or patience to create your own content you can look outward, there are many content marketing companies that will actively maintain a blog for a cheap price, and really it's a small price to invest in continuous business year-round.

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