Blog Writing Service Pricing and Content Rates

Blog Writing Service Pricing for Your Business Marketing Needs!

We have blog writing service pricing that's affordable for your business. Digital Shift will research your industry topic and present topics that your users are searching for. We will help them learn about your brand and how you can solve their problems.

1 Blog Post Per Month
2 Blog Posts Per Month
4 Blog Posts Per Month
8 Blog Posts Per Month

Your blog will be written by Candian University graduates that are trained in SEO and content marketing. Discover professional high-quality services that help you get organic traffic to your website. Contact us to learn more about how we can help prospective customer learn more about your business.

All Blog Writing Services Include:

  • High-Quality Article
  • SEO Optimization
  • Topic Ideation
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Meta Description Creation
  • Clean Short URLs
  • 100% Canadian University Writers
  • 700+ Words
  • 1 Stock Image Included

Why Blog's are Important

Creating a blog is an essential component of any marketing plan for today's businesses. You might think of a blog as a diary where you store useless information but it has blog writing service pricingactually transformed into much more than that. Blogs are now a critical component of any content marketing plan. When properly optimized, they help your business rank higher in Google search results. Therefore, the higher ranking will also help with lead generation, brand awareness, and help with conversion rates. One nice feature of a blog is that you can have any form of content in it. You can have text, audio, video, pictures or images, anything you want. If you struggle to find something to write about just thinking about what interests you, what you are passionate about, or something new and up and coming can help. If you still struggle you can always look externally and hire web content writers or look up website content writing rates and hire a professional company like Digital Shift.

Small Companies vs. Large Companies

Understanding the importance of content writing and blogging is just the first step. You must next consider implementation. Do you have enough spare time needed to maintain a high-quality, search engine optimized blog? If you don't want to set aside this spare time every day to consistently update your blog then you should consider hiring external web content writers. Digital Shift offers transparent pricing options for small and large scale businesses and everything in between. If you want affordable blog writing service pricing then look no further.

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If you are a small company we can set up blogging software almost instantly. One very popular type of blogging software used by most digital marketing companies today including Digital Shift is WordPress. It is very user-friendly and is constantly being updated with new plugins and additional software. If you want to create a unique and engaging blog then you should definitely consider implementing WordPress. It also saves you from hiring another addition body in a web designer. Why not start providing useful, educational content to visitors today? Don't you want to generate more leads for your company?

If you are a larger company than you probably already have an idea of blog writing service pricing and should definitely consult your IT department before switching software. They might also already have a different but effective type of blogging software. The most important thing to remember is that you should always be cooking up fresh content to help signal to Google that your website is thriving and that you are constantly providing visitors and customers with useful educational information. If you are constantly updating and creating new content you site will naturally start to rank higher and you will attract more traffic to your website. Once they're on your website they will be exposed to your products and services.

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