How To Create a Business Account on Pinterest

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How to Create a Business Account on PinterestPinterest is a web and mobile photo sharing website. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images or "pins" as well as videos through "pinboards". Pinterest allows users to discover the things they want to plan, buy, and do, and connects them to businesses that can provide these services and products.

Pinterest allows businesses to create pages aimed at promoting their company online through images and videos. Naturally, products, styles, designs, and foods are popular in this social media network. Pinterest pages act like an online showcase, or storefront, which businesses can manage and update to draw in the attention of their target audience. A Pinterest business page can also provide useful information and data about the company or products such as price, ratings, and guides.

Pinterest has become a very popular interface for users and, when used strategically, a successful business lead generation tool. With over 70 million users and 30 billion pins to explore, Pinterest is a must have social media for your business!

How To Create a Business Account on Pinterest

Follow these easy steps with images to create a Pinterest Business Account.

1) Join As a Business

Visit to reach the Pinterest business section. Click "Join as a business"o r, if you would like to convert an existing Pinterest account, select "Convert now."

How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest

2) Create An Account

You will be directed to a page with a sign-up form. Fill in the required information as well as your website address. Make sure to read over the terms of service and privacy policy.

How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest

3) Select Your Categories

You will now be asked to select at least five categories.  Digital Shift recommends selecting categories related to the interests of your target market and to your business products and services.

How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest


4) Pinterest Browser Button (optional)

Once you have finished selecting categories, you will be encouraged to install the Pinterest browser button. The Pinterest button allows for a quick way to save content or media when browsing the internet. You can decide to install or skip the step.

How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest

5) Your Pinterest Business Page Is Ready!

Once you have installed the button, or skipped the step, you will be directed to your newly created Pinterest business page! Your account is now created and ready to be setup. Follow the steps below to complete the setup.

How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest

Additional Help

Editing Your Pinterest Profile

Now it is time to edit your page and add the appropriate information. Let's start with the primary profile page.
From you account, click on the "Edit profile" button located on the top-right side of the page. A new window will appear allowing you to edit details such as business name, main picture, location, and the "About You".
How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest

Enter your business information in the about section and specify your location. Be sure to add your business website so that your target audience can visit it. Once you have added your information click "Save Profile" when done.

Congratulations - your Pinterest Business page is now set up! Make sure you verify your email and website. Verifying your website will allow you to track the analytics of your pins.

Creating Your First Board

It is now time to start creating boards and adding pins. Boards are how you categorize the pins on Pinterest. You can easily create your first board from your account page. How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest To create a board, click the "Create a board" button on your page located in the "Tell your story" widget. Follow the next step to complete setting up your board.

 Setting Up Your Board

Fill in the information below to complete setting up your board.How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest

Your board will need a name and a description to help people identify what your board is about. Be strategic and creative and using the keywords that people would be using to find your product or service. A short description will further help the audience identify if the board is what they are searching for.

Adding Pins to Your Board

Once you have created a board, you can add Pins to it. You can "pin" pictures to your board by clicking "add a pin" from any board page.

How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest

Pins can be added from the internet or uploaded from your device. Simply select the method of choice and locate the image or content. Add the description and then select "Pin it"

Share Your Pins

Congratulations, you are now officially Pinterest ready! Share your Pinterest page with clients and friends and keep updating your pins. Eventually Pinterest can become a lead generation tool for your business! Engage your audience, test new things, and track what works best for your product or service.

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