How to Create a Business Page on Linkedin

November 28, 2016 by Sean L

how to create a business page on linkedinCreating a Business Page on Linkedin

Have you ever wondered how to create a business page on LinkedIn? Many businesses are limiting their potential by not having a LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn company pages have a number of different benefits compared to a LinkedIn personal profile, including visibility and education. Company pages help users learn about your business, brand, and job opportunities. Furthermore, the pages help users conduct their information search and evaluation.

Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Company Page

  • It showcases your company, not just one or two employees
  • Employees act as indirect company ambassadors
  • Tangibly measure the impact of your updates
  • Monitor and be notified when someone mentions your company or brand
  • Promote your latest, most important news
  • Showcase your specialist services

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

Company pages help other users learn more about your business and the services you offer. By adding a company page, you can also educate them on the benefits of your products or services. Before you can create your own company page, you must have a personal LinkedIn profile. You must also ensure that your company doesn’t already have a page on LinkedIn and that you yourself, meet the requirements to add a company page on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Requirements to Add a Company Page

  • Must have a personal LinkedIn profile with your true first and last name
  • The profile must be at least seven days old
  • The profile strength must be at least intermediate or all-star
  • You must have several connections on your profile
  • You must be a current employee of the company with your position listed in the experience section of your profile
  • You must have a company email address added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account
  • Your company’s email domain must be unique to the company itself
  • A domain cannot be used more than once to create a company page
  • Domains such as,, or similar generic emails are not unique to one company, therefore cannot be used to create a company page

Adding a Company Page

  1. From your homepage move the cursor over “Work” and select “Create a Company Page”Create a Linkedin Company Page
  2. Select the type of company page that you want to createCreate a Linkedin Company Page
  3. Enter your company informationCreate a Linkedin Company Page
  4. Click “Create Page” to continue
  5. Complete your page set up by adding a cover (1,536px x 768px size recommended), location details and content

Useful Tips to Strengthen Your Company Pagehow to create a business page on linkedin

  • Write a compelling summary. If someone takes the time to scroll down to your description, they’ve already shown an interest in your company.
  • Use relevant keywords to make your page easier to discover in search engines
  • Make sure your most important product or service is listed first
  • Add career information and opportunities. LinkedIn is a phenomenal recruiting tool that should be used to its fullest potential
  • Ask for product and service reviews or testimonials. Sharing these testimonials can foster a strong sense of trust among potential visitors
  • Use targeted updates to promote new and important content effectively
  • Include a description of between 250 and 2000 characters including spaces and a company website URL
  • Adding a location makes your company and jobs more discoverable on LinkedIn

How to Attract More Followers

It is vital you engage your colleagues. The best place to start is adding your co-workers and employees. Adding your employees and encouraging them to add your company to their personal profile helps you immediately gain credibility since they are one of your greatest assets and brand advocates. Adding employees to your company also allows them to like, comment, and share information and updates about your company which can expand your reach and visibility in LinkedIn.

You can also promote your company page by adding easy to follow links. Linking your company page to other marketing channels such as emails, newsletters, and blogs helps make it easy for users to follow you and stay up to how to create a business page on linkedindate with your business. Providing free information assets such as blogs and newsletters can help gain your visitors’ trust. It helps them learn more about you and what you offer and it demonstrates that you’re an authority on the topic of your field.

It is also important to invest in your followers. You can use highly targeted Follow Ads on LinkedIn to help reach your desired target segment. These advanced advertisements can target different industries, companies, or geographical regions and they appear throughout LinkedIn. Anytime a professional on LinkedIn follows your company their action appears on the LinkedIn news-feed for all of their followers to see. This update helps spread awareness and can help lure other potential visitors to the company page.

How to Engage Your Audience

There are a few ways to engage your audience on LinkedIn. One way is to share rich content. Posting new content every day is one of the most effective ways to start a conversation and directly engage your target market. Any content you post will appear on your company page as well as in the news-feed for anyone following your company. So what should you make your posts about? You could share company news, industry-related articles, thought pieces on hot topics, images, info-graphics, videos, or even presentations. In the digital community content is king. Posting new content that provides value to followers will drastically impact your engagement rates and have a positive impact on your company as a whole.

You should also utilize sponsored content to get your content to the right people. Sponsored content generates greater brand awareness, quality leads, and promotes deeper relationships with your audience through extending the reach of your company’s updates. For more information on how to apply sponsored content to help your LinkedIn business account click here.

Lastly, you can use company page analytics to dive deeper into customer behaviour. Leveraging the tracking system can help you learn more about your followers, their trends, growth options and different key metrics. You can even learn to understand their behaviour. The key to growing your page is using the data gathered, refining, optimizing and re-customizing your content. By adapting your strategy and learning from your customers’ behaviour through data analytics, you can develop the strongest page possible and help your business grow and prosper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I create a business page on LinkedIn?

You are likely missing one of the mandatory requirements. Review the LinkedIn Requirements to Add a Company Page section of this blog post to ensure you are eligible to create a page.

Can I create a LinkedIn company page on LinkedIn without a personal profile?

No. You must have a personal LinkedIn profile to create a LinkedIn business page.

Is there a cost to have a LinkedIn Company Pages?

No, LinkedIn Company pages can be set up for free, however, you can sign up for additional human resource features, or create a LinkedIn Ad account and advertise for additional fees.

How do I create a LinkedIn page for a University?

If you’ve created a Page for a school, contact the Linkedin team to complete your page setup by enabling the Alumni tool.

Do I need to include an address on my LinkedIn Business page?

No, you do not need to include your address when setting up your Linkedin Business page, however, it is strongly recommended that you include your address and phone number to help enhance your Local SEO and search engine results. Adding a location makes your company and jobs more discoverable on LinkedIn.

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