Customer Reorder from Account History

Allow Customer Reorder on Your E-Commerce Website

When you allow your customers to have accounts on your e-commerce website it is very easy to give them the opportunity to re-order something that they have ordered previously! This is a really important function if you have a lot of repeat customers, or you are a supplier of goods for other companies. E-commerce websites have built-in functions for customer reorder from previously ordered items in their account history. This article gives you a brief outline on how easy it is for a customer to re-order things on your website.

Account History

When a customer has an account set up with you, they can easily access their purchase history. This makes it easy for them to keep track of and view previously ordered items. Just like it shows below:

E-commerce Customer Reorder - Account History

 Customer Reorder

In this case, this customer only has one previous order with this e-commerce website. But none the less, they are able to view what they purchased before. Once they have chosen to view that order they would come to a screen that looks a lot like this one:

E-commerce Customer Reorder - Order Again

 Easy transition to cart management

On this screen, they are able to make the same order as one of their previous orders. When a customer clicks on 'Order Again' it will add this product or multiple products into its shopping cart, just like in this picture below:

E-commerce Customer Reorder - Cart Management

From this location, customers can add or remove items from their cart, adjust the quantity, or continue shopping on your e-commerce website to add more products to their order.

E-commerce websites make the Customer Reorder function very easy for your customers! Your customers will love how you have allowed them to have this easy shopping/reorder functionality, and will love coming to buy things from you on your E-commerce website!

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