Dental Marketing Ideas

Dental Marketing Ideas

dental marketing ideasTo effectively execute quality dental marketing ideas, you should first plan and review your dental marketing strategy. Before we jump into some dental marketing ideas for your dental business, let's briefly review the importance of having a marketing strategy. Knowing what specific keywords you want to rank for is crucial in your dental marketing success. Keywords give you a competitive edge over your competitors. By curating your content around these keywords, your prospective customers will be able to find you without much trouble. Monitoring the success of these keywords also give you a better idea of your target audience.

While dental marketing ideas still rely on continuous experimentation, knowing who to target will get you more effective results. Your target audience is likely to be adults in their mid-twenties to thirties. People in this range are mature enough to make decisions for themselves and their families. By knowing what keywords to rank for and who your target audience is, you can better curate these dental marketing ideas to fit your dental marketing goals. These dental advertising tips are not restricted to adults. These are also pediatric dental marketing ideas that work for any dental promotions your clinic may offer.

Online Dental Marketing Ideas

dental marketing ideasWith our generation continuously becomes more and more digitalized, it is important to consider the importance of having an online presence. Having an online presence doesn't strictly mean having a great and visually stunning website. What's the point of having a website if no one's going to see it? These online dental promotion ideas are meant to connect your dental business with current customers and dive into a pool of prospective customers. As people are usually on-the-go, it pays off to have your clinic be found. It also pays to be friendly reminders to your past customers to book an appointment or to promote your latest service or product.

E-Mail Campaign

dental marketing ideasDental email marketing is a great way to send out newsletters on upcoming promotions of services and products. Email campaigns involve newsletters, advertisements, and reminders. As such, email campaigns are extremely effective in getting your customers back to your website. It can also be a friendly reminder that you're here when they need you. With tools like MailChimp, it is not difficult to set up what is called a drip email campaign to a specific audience. These drip email campaigns are content that is sent to your remarketing list on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Depending on how you segregate your remarketing list, you can send specific emails to each one. As such, you can send tips about dental care to a set of people and reminders to book your next appointment in another. As with most marketing campaigns, emails are used for getting people to click to your blog, website, or to book their next appointment. Emails are a great way to remind customers about you and giving them tips and tricks on dental needs or upcoming products recommended by your dentists.

Patient Reviews And Strong Web Presence

dental marketing ideasInvesting in great local search engine optimization and Google My Business management services will give your patients the opportunity to give your clinic a great review! Local search engine optimization involves communicating your location to your prospective customer when they absolutely need it. As most appointments and searches are conducted online, it is likely that your prospective customer is typing in something along the lines of "local dental clinic." As a result, this search will provide a list of clinics in their local area along with a rating, hours of operation, a phone number, address, directions to your clinic, and a link to your website. Investing in these simple dental promotion ideas will get you business in the local area.

Having a strong web presence is important as it is a means of communication of your brand. A mobile friendly website with great functionality and stunning design will get you an increase in click through rate of your website and a higher chance of your prospective customer completing that call to action.

Social Media

dental marketing ideasEveryone's on it. Regardless if you use social media for your personal life, having a presence on social media can really reap rewards. The best part is that it doesn't take up too much of your time. With tools such as HootSuite, you can schedule and plan your posts accordingly. Plan as far into the future as you want! Having your customers post on social media about your service or product can have a significant impact on visibility.

An example on how to use social media is to conduct contests such as writing a great headline for a service and the winner gets 10% off on that particular service. While there are many social media platforms you can be active on, choose a platform that covers where your target audience is. You can never go wrong with Facebook. But Pinterest and Instagram may be platforms that you don't need to be considering as of yet. As your campaigns and marketing ideas grow, so will the platforms you are active on.

Advertising on social media platforms is also easier to do these days with so many guides. We at Digital Shift have created multiple blogs on how to advertise on specific platforms. Again, this does not mean you should advertise on just any platform. You must advertise on the right platform where your target audience is.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisementsdental marketing ideas

Another online marketing system idea is pay-per-click advertisements are a great way to get relevant leads. These advertisements appear at the top of search engines and are for those people ready with their wallets out. With pay-per-click advertisements, you can be sure that those who click on your ad are ready to buy and will be picking up their phones to call you. With pay per click advertisements, users are likely searching long-tail keywords that pertain to a specific dental service such as dentures, braces, teeth whitening, and much more. As such, if you have advertisements that are specific to a service, you are likely to nab that customer.

Videosonline marketing system

As humans are highly visual learners, videos can be a great way to promote your brand or service. It is easily shareable and can be as long or as short as you want. Effective video marketing is often telling a story within a minute or less. It gives your prospective customer an insight of what this service is. For example, you may create a video based on specific service and show a behind the scenes clip. Videos can be on web pages or your blog. Do not underestimate the greatness of video marketing.

Offline Dental Marketing Ideasdentist advertising ideas

While it is important to establish an online presence online, these offline dental marketing ideas are just as important. As practically everyone is using the world wide web, these offline strategies can really make you stand out from other dental clinics. Offline dental marketing ideas usually involve factors such as great customer service, and little gifts and cards to your customers. While you are limited to what you can do online, there's no stopping your creativity with offline marketing for dental practices. All it takes is a little bit of creativity.

Thank You Cards And Coupon Offers

dental marketing ideasA simple gesture can go a long way. These cards can be used for thanking customers who have been with you for a specified number of years. Cards can also be curated and sent during seasonal times such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Within these cards can be a coupon with a limited time offer for a particular service. These coupons can be handmade or made with Microsoft Word. Depending on how you decide to create these cards and coupons is your dental clinic's personal touch to this offline dental marketing idea.

Referral Bonus Programdental marketing ideas

Offline dental office promotions stem from staff and employees. As such, a referral bonus program is a great way to motivate staff and customers to attract new patients. By offering client discounts or a free product to those who bring in more business is another dental marketing idea you can use to your advantage.

Dental Clinic Events

Events held at or near your dental clinic is a great incentive to get people to your business. What kind of events should you hold? An example could be a professional photographer to conduct a mini photoshoot for those who had a certain procedure done that month. Encourage them to share it onto their social media platform with a hashtag that your business has come up with or just your business name for much more visibility. While this does take extra time to plan and money, it is worth looking into. A patient who has a good time will often spread the word. As such, great offline dental marketing ideas often start with the experience at the office.

Networking Events

To get your business recognized to others is to attend networking events. These networking events can be professional or held at a University to educate students about upcoming careers. By having a representative of your clinic attend these events time to time will connect you to others who may be interested in the services you are offering. It also gives you an idea of the services they offer too. Because dentistry is a practice that is needed by everyone, you do not need to restrict yourself to attend specific events. As such, you are free to attend events of any kind that will get a word out about your business. At this networking event, you can also hand out brochures, pamphlets, business cards, pencils or pens with your brand name on it. There's a lot you can do with your brand when you're at a networking event.


These dental marketing tips for dentists can apply to any clinic setting. Offline dental marketing ideas can be tailored to your liking. They are not restricted to what online dental marketing ideas offers. By having an online presence, you are restricted to what you can and cannot do. As such, online integrated dental systems do not have as huge of an impact as what offline dental marketing ideas can offer. When you're online, you create visibility. When you're offline, you can establish a solid customer relationship.

Dental marketing ideas are meant to serve as a guideline to your future plans to come. They do not have to be followed directly and can be modified to best fit your needs. Need more dental dental marketing ideasmarketing ideas? Do you have an idea in mind that you aren't sure how or where to begin? We at Digital Shift, your dental marketing consultant are here to help you. We have strategies that best fit your dental marketing needs and offer advice on you can improve on your current efforts. Do not hesitate to give us a call today for a free consultation!

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