Edmonton SEO AnalystProfessional Edmonton SEO Analyst Services

On-page SEO Website Optimization starting at 175 per page by Local Edmonton SEO Analyst, Matt Miciula. Professional Website Audit performed by Local SEO Analyst.The service includes a complimentary SEO Audit highlighting the areas that your website requires improvement according to the latest best practices and Google standards. After you review the SEO audit and decide to go ahead with the service. Digital Shift will get started with its On-page SEO services. On-page SEO involves individually optimizing web pages to be better indexed by search engines by focusing on items that appear on-page such as content, tags, images, and keywords. Each page will be optimized for a different keyword. We will configure and code your pages to go over key areas of search engine algorithms to ensure not only the page to be rank higher but your overall website as well.

On-Page SEO is optimizing your web page so that it can be indexed better by search engines. The way your content, keywords, images, tags, etc. appear on your website influences Google’s page ranking. We offer On-page SEO for $175 per page. We perform the on-page SEO Optimization based on one keyword or phrase.

Edmonton SEO AnalystOn-page SEO services includes:

  1. 1-hour content meeting
  2. Keyword or phrase optimization
  3. Configuration of Google
  4. Optimization of content
  5. Enhancement of titles and heading
  6. Rewriting URL (link) names
  7. Creating/updating sitemap
  8. Creating/updating robots
  9. Building website hierarchy
  10. Reviewing image names
  11. Reviewing internal links
  12. Clean up of page code
  13. Updating tags
  14. Authorship setup
  15. Social media integration

Edmonton SEO Service Focus: Black Hat vs. White Hat

Since 2007 Digital Shift has been helping customers rank higher in search engines. Many customers only care about their end position in these search engines and want results as fast as possible. Well, this is completely reasonable, you should be cautious about the types of techniques being used to get your ranking results. If your Edmonton SEO company is relying on Black Hat SEO techniques you could be doing more harm than help to your business! At Digital Shift we rely on White Hat SEO techniques which will not put your business in harm's way. With the business world becoming more and more competitive companies are looking for every advantage they can find, but you must consider the difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO techniques before hiring an Edmonton SEO Company.

Black Hatedmonton seo analyst

If your Edmonton SEO company is employing Black Hat SEO techniques you could be in trouble! Black Hat SEO is questionable methods used by companies to help businesses rank faster in search engines. However, these methods can actually hurt your visibility more than anything. Ranking in search engines like Google takes time, depending on the company and industry can take between 2-6 months. If an Edmonton SEO company claims they can do it in a few weeks chances are they are using Black Hat SEO, which could get your business and website banned permanently from search engines. Since the goal for these companies is to make money quick, they don't care about your companies long term wellbeing.

White Hatedmonton seo

Any diligent Edmonton SEO company will employ a White Hat SEO technique for your business. White Hat SEO techniques obey all the rules from search engines and can greatly help your ranking in search engine results pages and visibility issues. Furthermore, White Hat techniques are more ethical, help you rank naturally, and will be more profitable for your business in the long term. Digital Shift prides itself on being an Edmonton SEO Company that focuses on ethical business techniques such as White Hat SEO, so we can get your business long-term, sustainable, growth, and profits.

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