What You Need To Know About Google Extended Text Ads

Are You Prepared For Google Extended Text Ads?

July 26 has become somewhat of a revolutionary date for advertisers everywhere as Google Adwords have expanded their text ads. Google Extended Text Ads are the biggest change to Google AdWords since its launch in 2004. Compared to the previous version, advertisers have gotten more freedom to experiment with their previous ads on Google. So, what exactly is changing? And how can you properly integrate these changes into optimizing your ads for the best performance? Keep reading to learn about the factors to focus on to best prepare for the new Google ETA ads.

What Are Google ETA Ads?

Google Extended Text Ads (ETA) are almost twice as large as its current counterpart. The purpose of these new ads is to maximize your presence and performance regardless if users are searching from their desktop, tablet, or a mobile device. The extended ads consist of two headlines, two display URL paths, and an eighty character description line. These new additions will help your ad stand out when brought to life with your prose. Google ETA Ads are the biggest change to text ads since the launch of Adwords fifteen years ago and was created for the sake of creating a unified experience for users using Google search engine.

How Can You Reoptimize For Google Extended Text Ads?

As Google ETA Ads now have the place for two headlines, your first headline should state clearly what the benefit to the customer is. Your headline number two should highlight its features. Essentially, you're making a better extension of your previous ad. Remember to keep an eye out for your quality score and to raise your quality scores! Quality scores were already an important metric but are about to become even more critical.

New Google Extended Text Ads (ETA) Ads in Google AdWrods

The new Google Extended Text Ads provide +5 characters in Headline 1, +35 characters in a new second headline, +30 characters total between two new URL paths and +10 characters in the description field.

If you're just beginning your Adwords journey, there is no better time to get familiar with Google ETA Ads than now. Old habits won't be carried over, and if you do it well, your business can make anything below position two or three completely irrelevant. Rewrite your ads to take advantage of this new format and start using extended ads to your advantage!

Google Standard Text Ads in Google AdWords

Standard Text Ads consist of 25 characters for headline 1, 70 characters total between two description fields, and a URL path that fits a total of 35 characters including your domain name.

October 2016: The End of Standard Text Ads

Standard text ads are expected to disappear by October 2016. So what exactly should you be doing about these Google AdWords changes? Don't panic, this is a great opportunity to review your ads and start planning.

Here are some tips to help you with the transition:

  1. Create new ad copy and don't just add another headline
  2. The first headline is more important than the second
  3. Show the benefit and the payoff in the headlines
  4. Don't forget to include your keywords in the new URL paths
  5. Don't forget to review/add your Google ad extensions

Reviewing your existing ads for performance and re-writing ads with this new format allows your ads to say more and stand out. Google Extended Text Ads displays on all devices. If you wrote device specific ads you will need to keep this in mind because unlike standard text ads, the mobile specific option has been removed. There are also some other noteworthy changes coming to Google Adwords in the near future. To get more digital marketing updates subscribe to our blog below!

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