Importance of Mobile Design

Update: Google has split the index for mobile and desktop. This means that not having a mobile responsive site will harm your mobile rankings.

How Important is Website Mobile Responsible Design?

Did you know that mobile browsing actually exceeds desktop browsing? Since 2014, there are more mobile search engine searches compared to desktop computers. This means that if your website is not mobile responsive, you are turning away the majority of your potential customers! A mobile-ready website will provide an exceptional user experience on all devices, this means that no matter how the website is viewed, it will provide the same user experience. Consistent usability and functionality is the primary focus of responsive design. Is your business ready for today's market?

Importance of Mobile Design

What about a Separate Mobile Site?

A separate "mobile" version website is not a good solution as it creates more problems than it solves. The separate site forces you to obtain another URL and create additional content. Managing and updating two websites is twice the work! Search engines also have more trouble indexing the sites, resulting in lower page ranks. Mobile sites do not provide the same user experience and functionality and are simply a stripped down version of a desktop site with removed features.

How we can help

Digital Shift will develop your website with a responsive design from the start. Your responsive website will automatically and properly rearrange itself for different screen dimensions. The user-experience and all features will be present, just rearranged to be viewed optimally on any device. Don't settle for desktop only or low-quality mobile websites, you will be turning away the largest demographic of potential customers! Take your business to the next level! Visit our Responsive Website Design page to learn more about responsive design or Contact us today!

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