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Business Internet Marketing Solutions

Internet MarketingDigital Shift is always listening to its clients. In business, we commonly hear phrases like "cash is king" and "no cash flow, no payroll." We all get it! Your complete internet marketing solution can start on a monthly budget. Many of your clients, especially start-ups, are finding this less of a burden then coming up with thousands of dollars up front for a quality implementation. Many of the benefits include: getting a website up and running instead of saving up for one, one low monthly rate instead of a larger cash investment, free social media integration, training, and search engine registration.

Content Managed Websites

Already have a CMS system in mind? We will help you choose a system that is flexible enough to do what you want it to do. We will integrate your brand to the design of your website and train you how to use the system.

The basics - domain names, hosting, email... We got you covered.

Branding Solutions

Logo Design - have a logo idea and need help making it digital? Or not sure where to get started? We can assist you with this process. We have done this for many clients! Our process includes an initial meeting to get a full understanding of your brand, concept designs, your approval, modifications, your approval (again), and finally, a quality finished design for you to use for online and print.

Business Card Design - if the Staples templates just don't do it for you, we can help you mange the crucial initial impression of your business image with a design that sends the right message.

Complete Accounting, Inventory Management, and E-commerce - Yes we can help you implement a complete end-to-end solution. No sure if your system can integrate? Ask your local account manager. We can implement a customized solution that is secure and measures your inventory accurately.

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