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Law Firm SEOLaw Firm SEO

Digital Shift provides Law Firm SEO services and local SEO for lawyers to help get results for your firm. Did you know studies by Google have shown that 96 percent of people seeking legal advice will turn to search engines to help with their decision-making process? If you want your firm to be competitive you absolutely must have some sort of search engine optimization plan. If you are not appearing on the first page in Google chances are customers won't even get a chance to evaluate your services because they won't get to your web page. Digital shift can help your firm rank higher in Google using a Law Firm SEO strategy so you get more customers to your website and have a greater chance of converting these visitors into customers.

Ranking Factors Considered by Search Engines

Keyword Research

Law Firm SEOAll effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starts with effective and detailed keyword research. Knowing what words and phrases your customers are entering into Google is vital to a strong Law Firm SEO strategy. Digital Shift will conduct in-depth research looking for keywords with high search frequency and low competitiveness so you get the best value for your marketing dollars. However, the problem with Law Firm SEO is that most firms will go after the same words or phrases. This means you will have to pay a much higher price to be competitive in your industry. Digital Shift takes a different strategy of looking for long-tail keywords that are more specific, therefore less competitive.

On Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On-page SEO is another very important part of Law Firm SEO. On Page SEO is the process of optimizing your web pages content to score higher in Google's search algorithm. The higher your score the better your rank. Some components of on-page SEO include keyword research and placement, page readability, image tags, meta descriptions, and URL optimization etc. When some or all of these strategies are combined and optimized efficiently Google has an easier time understanding what your website is about and if it is relevant to what internet users are searching for. When evaluating your on page SEO you need to consider your content and your coding. These two areas have the biggest impact on your SEO score. If you are constantly creating new and compelling content Google will recognize this and rank you higher so long as your content is relevant. The coding and technical side of SEO will be managed by law firm SEO marketing professionals. This aspect deals with coding and the structure of your website. When both of these areas are addressed your on-page SEO will increase and drastically help your ranking in major search engines.

Citation Building and Local SEOLaw Firm SEO

If you want to compete for clients specifically in your geographic location you must implement a Local SEO plan. Local SEO for lawyers begins with citation building. These citations are when your business or firm is mentioned online. It can be your business name, address, phone number or any distinguishing feature or characteristic other than a direct hyperlink. When Google is ranking your business and website they will look at other companies and well-established sources for reference. If your firm is being mentioned by relevant and reliable sources online your ranking will improve. Digital Shift can help by submitting your website information to local directories to further help with citation building and local SEO ranking.

3 Ways to Attract More Traffic and Generate Leads

1. Target Local KeywordsLaw Firm SEO

As the internet grows and expands so does competition online. Digital marketing for business professionals like lawyers and doctors has become increasingly competitive and exponentially more expensive. If you are a newer firm looking to gain an identity online its crucial customers learn about your firm and see it as a brand and that you market it to your immediate geographic location. Local SEO is such an important part of Law Firm SEO because most lawyers rely on word of mouth to attract new clients. Your best chance at success if you are a relatively new firm is to target customers in your immediate location. Therefore you must target specific keywords that have the highest search frequency in your location.

2. Submit your business to Google Places and Other Relevant Local DirectoriesDigitalshift, Digital shift media, Kitcher-waterloo website design, Google Maps small business, Google Maps address change, Fix Google Maps address

Another way to help generate more traffic and leads is by submitting your business information to Google Places and local directories. This will help your business look more relevant and rank higher in Google Maps and for local search results. Establishing a local listing with directories will help your website appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and 0ther directories. However, when submitting your information to local directories you must be absolutely certain that everything is consistent. There can't be any conflicting information like an address or phone number or you might actually be penalized for your actions.

3. Improve User Experience and Website Usability

Although attracting new customers to your website is great, you must work hard to keep them on your page long enough to convert them into customers. If your website isn't impressive and easy to navigate visitors will quickly bounce back to Google for the next search result. In order to avoid risking customer abandonment, your website absolutely must be easy to navigate and have an impressive user experience. This is your visitor's first experience with your brand and firm so obviously, you want it to be a positive experience.

If you want your website to have a professional high-quality appearance then you should include the following:

  • Case Studies of how you have helped previous customers
  • Tangible results from those Case Studies
  • Customer testimonials of their experience with your brand and firm
  • Informative Blog providing them with useful and relevant information
  • Engaging content to keep customers on the website longer

local seo for lawyersGoogle wants its users to have the best possible experience and to find the information they are searching for as quickly as possible. If you have a consistent, relevant, user-friendly website, you will be more likely to rank higher in results pages leading to more traffic and leads. One thing is certain if you are involved in any aspect of professional law then you must have Law Firm SEO or a local SEO plan implemented to remain competitive in today's economy.

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