Should You Invest In PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is a valuable investment when done correctly. With PPC, you are paying each time a prospective customer clicks on your ad. As such, this allows you to get more much relevant leads than SEO. With an effective PPC advertising campaign, you are a worthy competitor of the ad space on Google search engines. With expertise and close analysis, your PPC campaign will be both cost efficient and profitable. Without the proper knowledge, some self-managed campaigns can result in a loss! Digital Shift has been servicing clients in their digital marketing efforts, PPC advertising management services within the GTA & Toronto, Ontario region since 2007.

Your Professional PPC Advertising CompanyPPC Advertising

A professionally managed PPC campaign is a growth and lead generation tool for your business. Our campaigns are short-term investments with long-term results. Our PPC Advertising campaign will not only get you more business, it will provide you with valuable customer insights such as behavior, search patterns, and useful data such as areas of improvement and potential services or products that would be a great addition to your line. Whether you're an established company in Toronto, Ontario or a brand new company in Vancouver, British Columbia we can help! Contact us to speak with a PPC Specialist today!

PPC Campaign Pricing

PPC Starter
$300 - 2,999 Ad Spend
1-5 Campaigns Managed
1-2 New Campaigns
$3,000-4,999 Ad Spend
5-10 Campaigns Managed
2-3 New Campaigns
PPC Pro+
$5,000+ Ad Spend
10-20 Campaigns Managed
3-4 New Campaigns

Our PPC advertising campaign services pricing is broken down into two sections; a management fee, and a PPC bidding fee. Digital Shift has no hidden start-up fees.

PPC Management Fee

The management fee is for our expertise and time spent collecting data as well as analyzing your business, industry, competitors and customer habits. The fee will cover our costs of ensuring the perfect strategy for your unique business will be implemented as well as funding our continuous analyzing and adjusting the PPC advertising campaign. This is to ensure maximum results will be met, connecting you to more customers and increasing profits. The benefits your business obtains from our expertise and dedication will greatly offset our management fee.

PPC Advertising Spend

The PPC Biding spend is the allotted portion of our PPC management services that will be spent bidding on select keywords as well as covering the cost of each "pay-per-click". This portion of our fees will go directly into the campaign.

What Does Your PPC Advertising Plan Include?

You need to know what you're paying for. As such, all managed plans will include the following:

  • Report Scheduling
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Screenshots
  • Client Dashboard
  • PDF, XLS, CSV Exports
  • Account Manager

Investing early in PPC Advertising will give your business a competitive edge. Start getting professional PPC services by your local experts! Interest in our PPC management services? Contact us today!

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