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As a professional and affordable web design Calgary company, we understand the importance of having a visually stunning website. To have your website being fully functional and visually appealing across so many devices is guaranteed to reward you with substantial traffic. Did you know users who land on a website and discover that it's difficult to navigate will jump immediately? At a day and age where websites are all competing for clicks and eyeballs, it's not just extremely recommended but necessary to have your website fully integrated across tablets, phones, computers, and other future devices that are in the making as of right now.

Our expert web designer in Calgary will ensure that your website does not lose its visual appeal when adjusting it to fit specific devices. Not only will users be able to navigate your website with ease and have easy access to your contact information and social networks, they will not be turned away by your quality. As the majority of people are right-handed, we will ensure that your menus are easily accessible when they are navigating through your website using their mobile device.

Don't have a website? Not to worry. Our website design experts are fully capable of giving you a website that exceeds expectations. Depending on the industry you are in, your website will be curated to fit that industry with relevant colors and design. We always ensure to make any adjustments or changes if your website is lacking in mobile functionality.

Why Is Web Design Important?

Web design is critical to a business, regardless if you're a start-up or not. If your website is outdated, do not put it off in polishing it up. A credible and compelling website design will encourage visitors and customers to return to your website. But how can website design impact the success of your business? Here are five key components that all web designers keep in mind when designing a website.

  • Navigation
  • Reading Patterns & SEO
  • Brand Consistency
  • Content
  • Trust

web designGreat website navigation includes a navigation bar or a list of labels that clearly differentiates the pages of your website. It's easy to understand, easy to click through, and do not have long loading times. Sometimes web designers get carried away and begin making fancy typefaces and designs. While appearances are important, you will be much better off with a minimalist design that maximizes usage rather than appearance. If your navigation bar is easily navigatable by your grandmother, your web designer deserves a pat on the back. A great web designer will know to fully take advantage of reading patterns. By ensuring that the most important information is at the top of the page, your message will get across much more effectively for your visitors.

Brand consistency throughout is also an important factor that is at the top of a web designer's list. With consistent colors, brand colors, brand messaging, and imagery, visitors will instantly recognize your brand. It also makes your business look much more credible and authoritative. When a brand is constantly changing, your customers may feel uncomfortable which will cause them to create a negative association with your company.

Content, whether it's written, visual, video, or audio, should serve to communicate your company's promise and position. A great web designer will know to not put too much text on a page without complementing it with pictures. No one wants to read through blocks and blocks of text. Also, by having specific titles and making your headlines clear and noticeable will allow your reader to easily skim through the section they are looking for. Lastly, web design Calgary will ensure that your website looks welcoming and trustworthy to visitors. A bad quality website with terrible navigation will drive users away. By making simple and small changes to your website can go a long way.

Web Design Features

Web design is not only about making your entire website look credible but also the ability to make conversions. With our professional website design Calgary services, your individual pages will be optimized to meet its specific goal, whether its educational or promotional content. Here are some features that we focus on to help win you business.Web design is tightly associated with SEO. As such, some features you will see will overlap. Keep in mind that depending on what you want to achieve, the features we implement can vary considerably.

  • Creative Planningweb design calgary
  • Content
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Design
  • Contact Forms
  • Site Maintenance & Hosting
  • SEO

Before we begin your web design project, we plan on how your website or page should look to achieve your goal in the best way possible. For example, a landing page that is meant to capture contact information should be designed differently than a landing page that is meant to initiate a purchase. These landing pages can be designed to be a part of your website or its own identity. How your site is structured will influence the placement of your content. Digital Shift also offers content marketing services where we create content briefs for your individual pages and run them by you to ensure what is going on your website is accurate. This also helps in your SEO ranking.

Having social media icons displayed prominently where it's easy for visitors to follow you on your social media sites is also an important component of web design. By having a clear call-to-action, the more relevant traffic coming to your website will increase your followers. As having a mobile responsive design is important, our web design Calgary features include an auto-detect script that automatically resizes your website to the device your visitor is on. Contact forms are important for capturing visitor information for remarketing lists. Depending on the page, we can implement a contact form to capture your visitor's information and get you more leads.

Your business website will be properly maintained by a web expert who ensures that not only your website is working properly but you are aware of how it works. If need be, you can add pages, content, and have full control over your website. Digital Shift does not have any set-up or hidden fees involved in your site maintenance plan. We also sit down with you to show you how your website works and how you can add or remove content. Your business website will be SEO optimized that search engines will love because why have a website when no one will find it?

Why Choose Digital Shift?

Website Design Monthly PackagesOur web design experts Calgary do not only specialize in website design. We are trained and experts in SEO experts web design that will make your Calgary website development experience lead to optimal results. Digital Shift provides a free consultation on your website.  If you have a website and have any questions or concerns, our Calgary website designer is happy to answer them for you. If you don't have a website and have any general questions regarding us or how we will go about in creating a stunning web design for your business, we are happy to answer any concerns. Our affordable web design Calgary monthly web design packages are flexible which all includes a complimentary consultation.

Depending on your needs and budget, you are free to adjust your plan accordingly. The biggest benefit in our web design Calgary services besides having a website that is mobile responsive is that there are no initial set-up fees. There are many benefits that come with our monthly web design packages and we are always free to answer any of your questions and concerns. Contact us today to give your website a great makeover!

Make the best and most informed choice for you Calgary business and be careful with working with so-called website design experts! You will see better long-term results working with an expert web designer that has your interests in mind while working with a marketing team. Chat with a digital marketing specialist today and tell us about your web design project. Digital Shift strives to provide the best web design Calgary has to offer. Contact us to book your FREE 30-minute strategy session today and get a complimentary SEO audit against one of your competitors.

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