Managing Multiple Addresses for Shipping and Billing in E-commerce

Do your customers have Multiple Addresses for billing and shipping?

The purpose of this article is to outline how you can allow your customers to have multiple addresses for both shipping and billing in your E-commerce site. By adding a simple extension on your current e-commerce site you give your customers the ability to organize there billing and shipping addresses any which way that they would like. Once you add the appropriate extension, in your customers' account settings they will have access to an area where they can add multiple addresses. This page looks a lot like the one beneath:

Manage Multiple Adresses

At that point when your customer is checking out they will be able to choose multiple addresses. This functionality will be very easy for your customers to manage on their own - as shown below:

Multiple Addresses at Checkout

Re-ordering made easy for customers!

Once your customers have made orders, it is then easier to re-order what they have ordered previously from their order history. This function is built into most e-commerce websites - if your customers have set up an account with you.

For the purpose of this article, we wanted to outline a simple e-commerce extension for multiple customer addresses. It would be necessary to do some research on the different types of functionality these extensions offer. Allowing your customers to manage multiple addresses is made very easy with the right extension!

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