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Ad Extensions, What Are They And How To Use Them?

Ad extensions can have a major impact on your business if you have a Google AdWords account. They add extra content to AdWords ads. The extra material provides users with more information to make better decisions and subsequently will eliminate untargeted traffic; increasing conversion rates and ROI for a particular campaign. They do not cost anything to add to your current campaign. It is important to note that just because a specific ad extension is added to an ad, it does not mean that it will populate with the ad. Google decides which ones to populate. This additional information can be added in the 'Ad Extensions' tab for any campaign. The various types can be selected in the 'View' drop-down.


Ad Extensions


No Ad Extensions

The examples above show the difference between an ad with ad extensions and one without. Both companies sell shoes,  which ad are you more likely to click on? Why? The Payless ad had has the following features that the other ad does not:

  • Four site links: Women, Payless Sandals Sale, Sale & Clearance, and Men
  • Location: the location is listed and is a hyperlinked to the location on Google Maps
  • Call: the phone number is listed
  • Information: it will deter unwanted clicks and thus save money, information provided will make it more likely to be clicked if relevant to their search
  • Attractiveness: the additional material makes the ad larger and more appealing

Types of Ad Extensions

Although these ads are always evolving  the current list includes:

  • Automated extensions: these include automatically generated consumer and seller ratings, there is no controlling these
  • Location: It is possible to connect your Google MyBusiness to your AdWord account to have your address accompany your ad
  • Call: phone number is listed, it can be clicked to call it directly
  • App: a link to your app that can be downloaded
  • Sitelinks: using anchor text you can link to specific pages on your website
  • Callout: a callout text to an ad special
  • Review: reviews from third parties

Login to your Google AdWords account and start to apply what you have learned.

Need Help?

Applying ad extensions to your campaign will result in better performance. It is easy to see the power of this tool. If you need help to enhance your AdWords campaign and want to increase your conversion rates and ROI through applying these important principles, please contact us!


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