Ad Groups

What is Ad Group?

An Ad group includes all ads that are focused on a set of keywords in an ad campaign. It is an essential part of PPC marketing. You can organize your ads with the same theme such as the type of products or services by creating the Ad groups for them. This will help your ad campaigns be more effective at getting traffic and decrease the costs.Ad Groups

How does Ad Group work?

The Ad group tells search engines which ads to show to specific keyword searches. It also contains information about the content of your ads and where are the ads linking to. In order to create a successful Ad group, you need to know who your audience or targetted customer base, and what content they are looking for. It helps tremendously if you know the type of content that will encourage them to stay on your website for as long as possible.

The purpose of Ad groups is to save on costs while converting more users. There are two basic concepts you need to know about how to create an Ad group: integration and consistency.


To create a system that combines your ads content, keywords group, and landing pages connect to each other.


The audiences should directly reach your sites through ads content and landing pages, and you need to make sure this integration meets messaging consistency.

In general, you will get a better Quality Score if you create a good Ad group; that means you can receive lower costs per click. For example, if a user searches "wedding cakes in Edmonton", your ads will display for your ad group that includes Edmonton wedding cakes, and if a user clicks on your ad, they can be directed to the wedding cake section of your website.


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