Amplification Rate

Before we Start

There are three important numbers to effectively measure your social media campaigns and reach your business objectives; Amplification rate, Conversation rate, and Applause rate.

Social media is a significant tool we use in each of the marketing stages. We use it to create awareness, let people know our brand exists. We use it to attract our audience, make them interested in our brand, products, and services. We use it to build strong brand images, which encourages the target audience to turn into loyal customers. We also use it to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and ensure we reach our goals.

We use Amplification rate, Conversation rate, and Applause rate on the different part of the funnel, and use these rates to analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of social media campaign.

What is Amplification Rate?

In general, the Amplification rate shows the number of followers that forward your content through their network to their followers. The Amplification Rate can be segmented by different situations as shown in the formula examples.  In many situations, we need a time period to measure the social media campaign's performing, it could be weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

What is Amplification Rate Definition

Common formulas:

On Twitter:

Amplification = # of Retweets Per Tweet

On Facebook, Google Plus:

Amplification = # of Shares Per Post

On a blog, YouTube:

Amplification = # of Share Clicks Per Post (or Video)

(Don't forget the time period you want to measure.)


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