Blogs, What are they?blog

A blog is an online source of information such as news, a diary or a journal that is updated frequently or periodically following a consistent schedule. A blog is a tool that is used to express and share information with the purpose of educating your online audience. You can consider a blog your personal website that is updated frequently to maintain value for your followers.

The word blog is short for weblog and can be used interchangeably. Blogs started originally as a way for people to describe their day-to-day activities through writing.  In time, the writing of everyday tasks became the foundation for journal entries. Eventually, these journal entries gained a following and the social art of blogging was created. Nowadays bloggers write about much more interesting topics, usually around a central topic. Blogs can be used as very valuable marketing tools.

The Importance of Blogs 

Blogs are platforms that get your voice heard. There are not any mediums quite like the Internet in terms of audience reach potential. Bloggers have an opportunity to reach thousands of people every day with a direct message about a specific topic. Every human wants their voice heard and a blog allows for that voice to be heard by the masses.

Some individuals still use blogs to share the daily details of their lives. Other bloggers see more value in blogging valuable content to a potential a mass audience. These individuals use blogs to educate visitors about specific topics that they are passionate about and socially promote services or products they are fond of. Bloggers that choose to educate are especially valuable to digital marketers because the blogger’s following is directly interested in the service, idea or product of their blog is about.

Educational blogs can provide technical information, updated news in a variety of industries, investment advice, information about specific occupations, and new changes to certain software different companies use. For example, a plumbing trade blog educates potential consumers on certain complicated aspects of doing the plumbing themselves. By writing this blog, it is showing the potential customer the difficulty in doing the job themselves and encouraging them to seek professional help. Plumbers can connect with this blog to promote their services as a solution to a complicated problem. By connecting with these specific bloggers, digital marketers can help businesses gain an edge over their competitors in terms of audience reach and awareness.

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