What is HTML?HTML, Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is a programming language designed to create a website. The language allows these websites to be viewed by anyone connected to the internet. The "hyper" aspect indicates that it is non-linear (you can go to any part of the website whenever you like). The definition of HTML can be broken into three components. The first, Hypertext, is how you move around the internet. Clicking on the linked text called hyperlinks allows you to view the next page that was linked. The second, Markup, is in regards to what HTML tags do. The tags mark the text as a certain text type. Lastly, HTML is the language itself as a whole with syntax and code words similar to other languages.

Common HTML Tags

Common tags include:

  • A <HTML> tag indicates Hyper Text Markup Language content follows.
  • The <Head> element indicates the heading of the document and contains the meta-information.
  • The <Title> element is the title of the document.
  • The <Body> contains the content of the document.
  • A <p> indicates a paragraph.

Note: The "< >" are used to indicate to the program that the words inside are to be treated as commands. A  "</>" indicates the end of the specific tag. For example, a title would look like: <title> Page Title </title>.

How Does it Work?

Tags are in use when the author of the site types a series of shortcodes into a text-file. Afterward, the tags are viewed in a browser once they have been saved as an HTML file. In turn, the browser then translates and reads the created file to make it visible to the viewer.  Therefore, the author has the ability to create any vision they want with the correct use of tags. The author can furthermore use powerful graphic design editing or a primitive text-based editor to create their HTML pages. It all depends on preference and needs. HTML files work with CSS files (Cascading Style Sheets) that have the style programmed into them. Although the language is internet-focused, it can be coded completely offline. As a result, anyone with a device and the knowledge can code websites anywhere!


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