Inbound Link

What is an Inbound Link?

An inbound link is when another link comes directly to your website from another site. The person who received the link is generally the person using the term “inbound link”. As an example, putting a hyperlinked phrase, right here, that links to our graphic designer’s website would be an inbound link for the designer and an outbound link for us.

Why Are Inbound Links Important?

1. Increase in Traffic

If someone writes a blog that has a large amount of traffic coming to it and posts an inbound link on their blog to your website, you will see an increase in traffic to your site. The volume of traffic and the relevance to the blog are essential to the success of inbound links. For example, if a popular blogger writes on the content marketing side of digital marketing and he/she places a link to our content marketing factsheet, then we know we will see an increase in traffic that is directly looking for more information on content marketing.

2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to ranking in search engines,  websites with a higher number of inbound links have a good chance at ranking high in regards to SEO. So essentially, the more inbound links you receive the more you are viewed by search engines as an authority on certain subjects and the higher you will rank. There are many factors considered in ranking for SEO, but good inbound links from an authoritative and high-quality website will increase your rankings.

What Defines Good Inbound Linking?

Good inbound links are defined by the use of natural, proper anchor text and the coming from a website that is trusted and an authority on certain subjects. Having spammy, hyperlinked text copy inside press releases and articles is considered unnatural anchor text by Google. The important part is to have proper inbound links deriving from websites with good knowledge of proper anchor text.


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